Wednesday, December 24, 2008

we're home!

Finally, we're home! Just a 4 hour delay with our Toronto to Ottawa flight due to the weather conditions and we arrived home around 4am this morning. As you can imagine we are very tired - I think I got 2 hours sleep in 24 hours! It's hard to sleep and hold a 20 pounder at the same time! We did have a third seat, but she was having none of it, it sure helped for elbow room though!

This morning in the Ottawa airport, an elderly Chinese man was sitting across from Lilah and I, while we were waiting for Colin to bring the car to the door. He kept looking at us, (I could see him out of the corner of my eye), so I eventually looked over and he waved. I waved back and told him Lilah was from China. The expression on his face brought tears to my eyes, the huge smile and how his eyes lit up, he couldn't speak English, but he kept giving us the thumbs up and saying something. I knew he was thrilled for Lilah, and us too. It was a very sweet moment.

Lilah is in her glory with all the toys and she's busy investigating our house. She has already eaten a bowl of Weetabix for breakfast and Irish Stew for lunch and she is now napping, so things seem to be going good in our little girls world!

Wishing you and your families a wonderful Christmas.
All our love: Colin, Jill & Lilah xoxox


  1. Wow! You're home! That's great. I thought you were only arriving at 12:00a.m. on Christmas eve. I can't imagine how tired you three must be. It's the best Christmas ever for all of you. All together as a family! Wonderful! Enjoy your day. Merry Christmas!!
    M xo

  2. So happy to know your coming back and can't wait to see little Lilah!!! Happy holidays to your family!!!

    Kevin and Jane

  3. Welcome Home! And have a very Merry Christmas! I hope you get some sleep:)


  4. Hi Jill & Colin,
    We're so glad that you're home safely. We've really enjoyed reading your blog. Kathryn loves looking at the pictures and videos of Lilah. We hope you have a wonderful 1st Christmas with Lilah and we wish you all the best as you get settled in with your beautiful daughter!
    -Beth & John

  5. God is good to us. We are so thankful for your safe return and all of the answered prayers. What a memorable trip and to think you got home for Christmas as well.

    We can hardly wait until Sunday to get to meet your little daughter for the first time. Hope she is not too shy, because she will get a lot of attention!

    Rae & Lill

  6. Welcome back! We're glad you're home safely!
    Merry Christmas!
    Mike and Julia

  7. we are wishing you a wonderful Christmas Day and New Year as a family all together. Lots of Love Julia Karen and Ruthie

  8. Welcome to Canada Lilah!

    Happy Christmas to you all.


  9. Good to know that you're back in Canada and that everything went well. Have a very merry Christmas and happy a New Year.

  10. WELCOME HOME!!!! And, thanks for your sweet note!
    I pray that little gem is letting you sleep! When you are rested, I have a Flickr question for you... How did you do the large squares downloads from Flickr!!! (I tried but they are tiny....) I look forward to seeing photos of Lilah Grace again soon. For now, enjoy every minute as you create your new normal!!!

    Happy New Year and many blessings!

  11. I'd say you met a Christmas Angel. Glad you're home safe and in time to enjoy Lilah's first Christmas. Now the best part of the adventure starts! N

  12. Glad you are home safely with your precious bundle.
    Such a wonderful Christmas gift you have received Colin and Jill.
    A Happy and Special 25th December to you all, have a wonderful day sweet family.
    LOVE to be with you and hold our precious grandchild.
    All our LOVE Mom & Dad xoxoxo

    Miracles happen
    To those who Believe.

  13. Welcome Home Wee Family!!! We are so happy to have you back home and can totally relate to how tired you must be. Your little girl is just too cute to be true. We will give you time to get settled in but give us a shout when we can get "the girls" together. We are so excited for all three of you...what a beautiful family you make.

    Pam, Grev & Saltanat xoxoox

  14. Jill, we need more updates and pictures! Don't stop now =)
    Andrea xo