Friday, December 12, 2008

china trip: we've arrived in guangzhou

We've arrived, safe and sound! Just a few tiny hiccups with the Ottawa flight and our guide in Beijing, but that was all quickly forgotten and we are very excited to finally be in Guangzhou! It is 12:30 am, away past my bed time! I just wanted to update the blog in case I don't have time later today! I will try my best though!

We get Lilah at 2:30pm, a small time change that gives us the chance to sleep in one last time! Just 14 more hours to go!


  1. Yayyyy!!! You've arrived safe and sound! Prayers answered. We're so excited for you three!! Will be checking often to keep up to date with what's happening at your end!! Yayyyy!! Tomorrow's the day, or should I say, today;)!
    S&M xo

  2. So close now. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing family photos. So excited for you both. lol Pam & co

  3. Hooray!!! Did you kiss the Guangzhou ground when you landed? Can you believe you are finally in China? Good luck trying to excited for all of you. Can't wait to hear about Gotcha moment and see all the pictures. Hugs, Sarah

  4. Yippieeeeee! What a good feeling it is when you have finally arrived in China....
    Hope you are able to sleep a little bit!!!!!
    Can't wait to see the Gotcha pictures!!!!!!

  5. this is so very exciting guys! Glad to hear everything is moving along well and in few more hours, u'll have Lilah in your arms! So very happy for you, looking forward to see pictures! But if you got no time for all these, once you have her little precious, we'll understand! :-)

  6. Oh my goodness, you're there! Glad things went well on your trip, I worried a bit when I saw the weather Wed. morning. We're on pins and needles over here, anxious to see how things are going! Hope you are sleeping right now. A few more hours and you'll have your precious girlie!


  7. Just a few more hours... I can hardly believe the time has finally come; I am so excited! Praying for you.
    Love, Sue

  8. Woohoo! We were hoping you'd make it ok with the weather and the traffic. Happy Forever Family Day!
    Mike and Ju

  9. Glad your trip went ok and you have arrived safely.
    Just a few more hours to go-can you believe it C&J soon you will be three a sweet little family.
    Not sure if I can do much sleeping myself tonight So excited for you both.
    Happy forever family day.
    Love you three mum & dad xxx

  10. Ahh so happy to see that you are there and so close to Lilah. There are so many people asking about the three of you. I will "very happily" be relaying any new info to anyone who does not have your blog at work.
    Looking forward to seeing pictures of the happy family.

  11. You're FINALLY there!!! I can't wait to "meet" her! N

  12. YEAH!!
    I'll be checking the blog often! I bet your stomach is doing flips!! ;)

  13. Glad to hear that you arrived safely and everything went well. Thinking of you!!! I'm so happy for you guys....Happy Forever Family day!! Enjoy every minute!

  14. So exciting!!! Soon, very soon your little girl will be in your arms!!! Enjoy it all!!!

  15. Isa 43:5 Fear not: for I am with thee: I will bring thy seed from the east, and gather thee from the west;

    You are upon our hearts and minds. You must be very excited - by now you have been united with little Lilah Grace! We are praying that your time in China and the return trip will be all you hope for. Remember, God has said. "Fear not"

    Rae & Lill