Friday, December 19, 2008

china trip: temple of heaven

princess lilah

Today we visited the Temple of Heaven. I must say it is quite cold here and Lilah doesn't like it one bit, which is kinda obvious from the photo above! I'm not sure if it is the cold or the layers of clothes she dislikes the most, and it is so hard to keep her gloves on. Needless to say we didn't stay long, just a few pictures and we disappeared back to the bus!

We have so much fun with her in the hotel room, she cracks us up with her silliness and she knows it! She has also started babbling a lot more which I'm so happy about, because when she babbles I know she's feeling comfortable around us. She is an amazing girl, having come through so much and adapting as well as she is, we are so very thankful. It is hard to believe that we have been a family one week already.

You can see more pictures from today here.

China, Dec 19th


  1. Burrrr, poor baby! It might be cold now, but here (in Michigan, and probably in Canada) it is snowing! We got about 8" last night and it's still coming down pretty hard -- the boys were delighted to have a "snow day" which prolongs their Christmas break by a day!

    Poor Lilah will have to get used to the hat/mittens/winter coat & boots routine! That was difficult for Katie in the beginning, but now she's an old pro at getting her things on by herself.

    Have fun in Beijing!

  2. Congrats!

    I love that you guys are from Canada. I'm in Ontario.

    We're currently being hit with a massive snowstorm; be glad you are missing it!

  3. Jill,

    It has been such a treat to peek at your journey. I love seeing Lilah's heart open up to you all. The video of you making her laugh is absolutely priceless.

    Lilah seems like such a great little girl. You can tell she was well cared for because she seems to know how to love already. That is how Kate was.

    LOVE the hat! Even if Lilah makes a pouty face, she is grogeous!


    P.S. I hope ti was okay that I posted about y'all on Thankful Thursday. For some reason Lilah has really touched my heart...even made me think about doing this one more time....but my hubby is not really on the same page:)

  4. So your southern little lady doesn't like cold weather? Uh oh! She'll be in for an adjustment once home then, won't she?! I love her pink hat and white jacket. So pretty. Great photos. I noticed the pimple/scab on her right cheek in the photos. FYI, Eliza always got one or two in those exact spots every time that she was cutting a tooth. I started calling them hot spots. Great photos and so good to see her personality coming out. She's beautiful!

  5. Hi Colin And Jill, Well such a changed face. All happy now, that video clip says it all. So glad for you. Just talking to your mum Colin, telling her to come down here and have a look for herself. Proud Granny and Granda by the sound of things!! Take care
    Richard and Ruth

  6. Oh, she's a southern girl alright!! She must love the HEAT!! The photo is adorable even though she is not very happy about the cold. You must post on the type of camera you have. I'm sure it's the expert photographer and the most beautiful subject that makes the photo but I'm still dying to know which camera you are using!
    Hope you are still having a wonderful time and staying warm when you can!!! Hugs. Stephe

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of Lilah... even if she is making a pouty face... it is so adorable!
    Lily doesn't like the cold either and still makes a VERY similar face!

    I have enjoyed following your journey so much and each day it is a blessing to check in and see how you all are doing!

    You are certainly in our prayers!


  8. Colin & Jill
    Delighted things are going well for you. Lilah is absolutely gorgeous and you have plenty of lovely photos to capture all the moments - you can never have enough!

    Trust you have a safe journey back to Canada and all continues to go well for you.

    Peter, Jane & Victoria

  9. Hi Colin, Jill, and Lilah,

    What a fantastic trip you are having! I am sure that Lilah will get used to the cold once she is home here in the frozen North. What will it be .. skates, ski's or a toboggan? She will love it.

    We are anxious to see her in person and are keeping you in our prayers.

    Rae & Lill

  10. Hi, I am a friend of Kim. Just hopped over to see your beautiful little girl...she is breathtaking...really!! Congratulations and enjoy the rest of your trip~