Monday, December 29, 2008

finally sleeping - a major breakthrough

lilah in the dolls stroller

We can now breath a sigh of relief! It took 4 long exhausting days and nights, however Lilah slept 9 hours straight yesterday, and so did we! We went to bed at 1:30pm and woke at 10:30pm feeling like a million dollars! So now you can find us at about 1:00am walking around Wal-Mart, pushing every button on every interactive toy in there - thank goodness for 24 hour stores! We had great fun last night, Lilah danced in the isles to the music of Elmo and friends! She (and we) also had a one hour nap at 2:00am and another 2 hour nap at 8:00am. Things are looking up! We will keep pushing her a little bit more every day and eventually we will be in the Ottawa time zone!

The picture above is from this morning, I gave Lilah her dolly stroller with the doll in it and showed her how to push it around, well she had another idea! She threw the doll out and got her leg up in there and pretty much demanded to be pushed around, she is a funny girl! Another thing this morning that made me laugh, we were both 'brushing' our teeth, (she just loves to sit up on the counter top and watch what I'm doing), anyway I spat the remainder of my frothy toothpaste into the sink and she leaned over and tried to spit too!

Here is a movie of Lilah dancing and singing; this one is from Beijing, however I couldn't post it over there because the file size was too big to upload. When we got Lilah's referral the report said she loved music, we were pretty sceptical but it is so true, she sure loves music! If she's sitting she'll sway her head back and forth, and when she's standing she will go back and forth from one foot to the other! She sure is a happy girl, when she's had plenty of sleep!


  1. Oh how I can relate, and feel your pain!!! What a blessing that it took only 4 days!!!! I did a few midnight grocery runs with precious Ruby!!!

    Happy New Year!!!


  2. Glad to hear that you guys were able to have a 9 hour sleep!!! It must have felt great....I'm sure you were exhausted. Walmart was a perfect idea...sounds like you all had fun! So happy everything is going well. Lilah is so adorable. It's such a cute picture of her in the doll's stroller. Enjoy.....


  3. Jill & Colin, we are so glad to know you finally got a long nice sleeping at home after your long journey. Lilah is such a cute & lovely girl!!

    Happy New Year!

    Mason, Lynne & Bing

  4. Jill, forget Walmart for the early hours - you could just blog and post more pictures of Lilah for us all to enjoy! She is such a cutie =)
    Andrea xo

  5. Hi Colin Jill and Lilah,Glad you are safely home. Sure its quite normal for new babies to have their days and nights mixed up!!! But, take heart it will pass. Now looking forward to your visit to N.Ireland.
    Richard, Ruth, Alex, Abi and Charles

  6. Wow, this IS a breakthrough and it happened pretty quickly too. You must feel just fabulous after a good sleep!! What a cutie, all cozy in that stroller. Adorable!