Sunday, December 14, 2008

china trip: guangdong folk arts museum

China: Dec 14th

Today we enjoyed some time at the Guangdong Folk Arts Museum.

It was a lovely day and the museum was incredible, so rich with culture and art - exactly how I imagined China to be. The grounds were lovely too. We set Lilah down to walk around for a bit and she just stood there, motionless and wouldn't look at us. I think it was her way of showing us that she was rather mad!

When we got back to the hotel room she had her 'before nap' bottle and afterwards we got to change her first dirty diaper, (I can't believe I am mentioning this!), but all to say she was in really great spirits after the fact. We got so many giggles and smiles at the hotel, she feels so comfortable in our little suite, she totally lets her guard down and she's such a funny little monkey!


  1. Colin & Jill,
    She's absolutely beautiful, we love looking at her pictures. I can almost hear her laughing in some of them. She's delightful, and you both look thrilled - wonderful parents! Can't wait until you return so we can see her in person.
    Love, Carine

  2. Sounds like a great day! We're glad to see her smile! Very cute!
    Mike and Julia

  3. A lovely family day out-with the perfect family.I can see Lilah Grace beginning to respond to her new mum and dad. Lovely photos.
    Each day will get easier if you are patient and give her time.
    Keeping you in our prayers.

    Casting all your care upon him,for he caret'h for you.

    s&j xxx

  4. Once again I LOVE the beautiful photos. We also loved that Folk Arts Museum... it is such a great place for photos.
    You all look so happy including Miss Lilah.... what a smile... Oh my she is just so precious!
    It is so much fun to follow along with your journey!

  5. She's so beautiful - love the outfit - love her eyes! Blessings, Wendy

  6. What a beautiful little girl you have! It's so wonderful to see the three of you together. Thanks for sharing all the photos..
    Ken and Janet

  7. Wow!! What gorgeous photos of a gorgeous family! Lilah has a beautiful smile. So happy for you!! Love all the cute outfits. God is good!!
    M XO

  8. Hello Colin and Jill:

    She is really a lovely girl, a really blessing. We could not waiting to see and talk with her.


    Nanqin and Fang

  9. Looks like your funny little monkey is doing pretty well!

    Lovely pictures, BTW, of Lilah and her Mommy!

    We also really enjoyed the Chen Family Clan museum. Very cool stuff inside.

  10. Loved seeing the smiling photos of Lilah and to see mommy in some of them too (not that we're not enjoying seeing Lilah and daddy)! Looked like a great day; super photography. Keep 'em coming. Is Lilah eating solids? Did you figure out the bottle okay? Enjoying re-living China through your journey. Sarah

  11. Thanks for all the photos! You both look like typical parents and Lilah is sooo happy. Hope you are having a great time and we are anxiuosly awaiting your return.

    Rae & Lill

  12. Oh she is really quite beautiful. Congratulations!!!