Wednesday, December 17, 2008

china trip: passport and now in beijing

Today we picked up Lilah's passport and flew to Beijing. Lilah did great on the flight and slept most of the way, thankfully. She and I had to find another available seat on the plane, because she decided she didn't want to sit beside her Baba boy. Oh man, the high pitch crying was rough. He really does have a lot of patience and I know he will be rewarded for it very soon - our little Lilah just needs time to figure this all out.

There is a huge temperature difference between Beijing and Guangzhou, time for the coats, hats and mittens. Anyway, we literally just arrived at the hotel and it's after 11pm. Time for bed! We have a new wake-up call now and it's usually rather early!

China:  Dec 15th
China:  Dec 15th China:  Dec 15th
China:  Dec 15th


  1. It's such an exciting time for you all. I'm thinking of you lots and rush home to check your blog several times a day! Please keep the news coming.

  2. Oh what a beautiful photo of your adorable girl!

    I can't believe your journey is so close to being done.

    Home for Christmas sounds good though!

  3. Looks like you are having a great time. Lilah is truly a lovely little girl and you both look like you are enjoying parenthood!

    Don't know if this will get through - our other comments did not.
    Rae & Lill

  4. Hi!
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Kim sent me your link and what a blessing to check in on you! Lilah Grace is breathtaking!!! And, you photos of her capture something so incredibly special about her.... How can you stop staring into those gorgeous eyes? Honestly, what a gift she is! I will be praying for a safe return to Canada for you! Blessings as you begin a new part of this amazing journey together. I look forward to seeing more amazing pictures of your precious jewel!

    -Diana (Pearl & The Ruby)