Wednesday, October 31, 2012

hey-ho halloween's here!

Indeed, halloween has arrived!

Would you believe that my girl had a massive costume change of mind at the last minute... she had planned on being supergirl, but changed her mind just before heading off to Kindercare this morning. She found a bunny mask and a bunny tail in the dress-up closet and her decision was made, to be a bunny rabbit. I think 'self-conscious' has hit around these parts... which doesn't surprise me in many ways. Lilah likes to 'fit in' and being at the center of attention is not totally her thing!

She could not contain the excitment she had built up... and any little bit of self-conscious (if it even was that?!) that she might have had, was quickly thrown out the window as she did a little trick or treating in our neigbourhood. We talked about going to 5 homes in the neighbourhood, so she was thrilled when we did around 10, maybe 12. We went out nice and early so Lilah and Phebe could be home early enough to give out the candy we had bought for the kids coming to our door. And honestly, I think they enjoyed that even better than getting candy! Every time the doorbell rang there were shrieks and both girls would dive for the door!

I also got to volunteer in her class, at school, today! Which I loved and she also loved! About half the class are new (compared to her JK class last year) and it was so nice for me to meet them all and see the dynamics in her class. She is learning French this year and certainly seems to be enjoying it. There have been a lot of changes in her little life in the last two months and she is coping very well.

Happy Halloween my cute little Bunny!

I caught a few pictures of her last Sunday, playing in the dress-up closet!

witch hat!


A spider hat she made at the art station today.

a spooktacular halloween! a spooktacular halloween!


Trick or Treat

a spooktacular halloween! a spooktacular halloween! a spooktacular halloween! a spooktacular halloween! a spooktacular halloween!


Waiting (not so patiently!) for the trick or treaters to arrive.

a spooktacular halloween!


And a song she learned at Kindercare.

"Hey-Ho Halloween's Here"

One little, two little, three little witches
Fly over haystacks, fly over ditches,
Slide down the moon without any hitches,
Hey-ho, Halloween's here!

Horned owls hooting, time to go riding
Deep in the shadows where black cats hiding,
Gay little goblins sliding, gliding
Hey-ho, Halloween's here!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

an autumn walk

Don't you just love the shirt she chose for herself this morning?!
She gets to chose her own outfits on alternating days!

autumn autumn autumn autumn

Saturday, October 20, 2012

a girl with a stick!

glorious fall

Lilah will always find herself a stick. It doesn't matter what we do or where we go, a stick will be found and played with!

She is such a great big sister too, because now she is teaching her little sister about how to find a good stick too! The evidence is right here and here!

I saw this tree last week, when Phebe and I were driving home from a grocery shopping expedition. So one morning, after I had the girls all dressed for the day, Lilah decided she wanted to take the morning off from her Kindercare. I was fine with that, I actually like to have her home in the morning, at least one day a week. So we walked up to the library together and when we got there (it was 9am!), we found out that the library didn't actually open until 10am! Oops. And that's when I remembered 'the tree'!

So I suggested we go to 'the tree' to take a few pictures and return to the library afterwards. Perfect - everyone was in agreement! So I got these lovely early morning light shots, that I don't normally get! Because I'm generally not a morning person! How times change!

glorious fall glorious fall glorious fall glorious fall glorious fall


And finally, helping her little sister with her smile. How precious is that!

glorious fall

[ the flickr set is here ]

Monday, October 15, 2012

precious moments

I finally captured my two girls sitting brushing their teeth together,
while getting ready for Church, yesterday morning. They do this regularly!

Every single little thing they do together, makes my heart swell - how I love them both.

♥ ♥

getting ready for church

Saturday, October 13, 2012

second year of skating lessons

Lilah started her second year of skating lessons today.

She LOVES to skate! When I signed her up, back in August, she was so so super excited, she was jumping up and down with excitement! A lot has happened between then and now, but when I mentioned it this week, she did the exact same thing, jumped up and down clapping her hands with excitment!

She is back into the kindergliders class, same as last year. However, she is definitely a skill level up this year. I was thinking back to last year, her first time on ice and how she fell a fair amount those first couple of weeks, always with a smile on her face! But towards the end she had gotten quite competent in the skating department and rarely fell! Well, it's obvious that skating is like riding a bike... she just picked up where she left off last year.

She was very proud of herself and was definitely ready to show her little sis, Phebe, how well she could skate.

I love that girl of mine... I'm so proud of all her accomplishments.

Monday, October 8, 2012

thanksgiving art

Lilah's one special request for Thanksgiving, was pumpkin pie for desert!
Her wish was granted!

Here's a few pieces of art that have come home from school and kindercare in the last week.

thanksgiving/fall art thanksgiving/fall art thanksgiving/fall art thanksgiving/fall art thanksgiving/fall art

Wishing you a wonderful thanksgiving.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

something sparkly is in your future

This past weekend, after eating Thai food and finishing it off with a fortune cookie... Lilah's fortune read:

'something sparkly is in your future'

I asked: "Oh, what could that mean?" (thinking she would suggest something along the lines of crafts and her sparkly glitter glue)

...wait for it...

She replied: "OH! I know what that could be! A DIAMOND!"

I so wasn't expecting that answer! *grin*

princess lilah

This photo was taken when we were in Beijing, China - I bought the hat in one of the markets there.
Lilah isn't a princess girl, at all. I even chose her favourite colour, blue... hoping maybe I could change her!
She was kind enough to humour me for a few pictures!