Monday, January 31, 2011

project 365 ~ month of january ~ 246-276/365

Here are my contributions to the ninth month of Project 365.

You know, I'm really starting to enjoy this Project 365. I was looking through all my past photos today and just about every photo I've taken has a memory that goes along with it. They remind me of that particular day or event, sometimes I can even imagine being there - it is amazing! And even more wonderful for someone like me, who is rather forgetful, in my young age! Heh!

I was surprised at how bright this months pictures are. I imagined the winter would be dark and dismal, but throw a lot of ice and snow in there and I guess it goes without saying that they're sure to be bright! The winter photography is definitely proving to be easier than I originally anticipated.

I added a label to the bottom of all my 365 posts, called '365'. If you click on that label, it'll show all my previous posts for Project 365.

January: 246 - 276/365

Friday, January 28, 2011


If I've ever wondered what sixteen will look like, well here it is!

Minus the glasses, maybe. It depends if she actually needs them or if she just wears some fake ones, like she is here. She told Baba today, "This is what I'll look like when I'm sixteen". And he said, "But you'll always be my baby girl". I actually think she scoffed at him!

Now all she needs is the saying: 'whatev-ah!' - which is a very teenage thing to say, from what I hear. What a scary thought!

sixteen? sixteen? sixteen? sixteen? sixteen?

The picture (directly above), is her 'teacher face'!

[ the photo set is here ]

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the year of the rabbit

Chinese New Year is on February 3rd this year. Wow, that's just 9 days away!

Yesterday morning I was telling Lilah that the Chinese Zodiac Animal for 2011 is the rabbit. And then I made a suggestion: "Wouldn't it be nice to wear your bunny ears and I'll paint you a pink nose and whiskers? Listen, I did not have to repeat or beg. She was SO excited! Don't think I've ever pulled a 'photoshoot' off as well as that before! So I slipped her into her pink qípáo, same one as she wore to the reception at the Chinese Embassy in September. Might I add, the dress is a size 4 and is creeping up her legs like crazy, now if I washed it I would totally blame myself, but I didn't!

And then while I was taking her picture, I gave her 'The Velveteen Rabbit' book off the shelf and it was a seriously big hit for her. And by doing that, I got some of my favourite shots.

Monday, January 24, 2011

'innocent wonder'

'Innocent wonder' is the theme over at 'I Heart Faces' this week. I wouldn't know where to start for this theme, I was looking through my Flickr sets and I found a lot of photos that (I felt) suited this subject!

In fact, it is my absolute favourite way to capture Lilah - when she's facinated with something, trying to figure it out, studying it, intrigued with the wonder of it - I can't help but want to capture those moments. Indeed, it's one of the main reasons I pull out my camera so much.

Her favourite question at the moment is "But why?" Oftentimes I have no answer for her 'why', because it's unanswerable. She is just so curious about stuff and life that 'why' is the way she communicates to try and understand it. It is absolutely amazing to watch her grow and learn. I get swept up in her zeal to soak up every little thing.

I am learning about life again, the big things and the little things, the complex things and the simple things - through her eyes. And it is incredible.

Carleton University Butterflies experimental gardens autumn beauty petrie island
holding flower christmas 2010
halloween cupcakes the remnants of summer farm & flowers 3/365 - sink bubbles - 9:00am march 8th guitar playing zhongqiu festival - 2010 blowing bubbles
duck feeding & dandelions grimy little worm
23/365 - baba's birthday - 9:30am Cape Breton - Inverness down by the river biking to the wall mural

Friday, January 21, 2011

the rideau canal

the rideau canal

We went back to the Rideau Canal yesterday, even though the weather was minus 24°C. Yes, freezing! Did you know it's the world's longest skating rink? And if I'm being perfectly honest, I just love taking pictures.

Actually, I was all about hibernating today, but Lilah begged me and I gave in. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but it was beautiful, gorgeous even and refreshing. It goes without saying that Lilah had a fantastic time, once again.

On the walk home we stopped by a new Vietnamese restaurant in our area for lunch. We enjoyed some honey garlic ribs - Lilah calls them 'bones'! She tells me she loves bones. I think she's ridiculously cute!