Monday, January 31, 2011

project 365 ~ month of january ~ 246-276/365

Here are my contributions to the ninth month of Project 365.

You know, I'm really starting to enjoy this Project 365. I was looking through all my past photos today and just about every photo I've taken has a memory that goes along with it. They remind me of that particular day or event, sometimes I can even imagine being there - it is amazing! And even more wonderful for someone like me, who is rather forgetful, in my young age! Heh!

I was surprised at how bright this months pictures are. I imagined the winter would be dark and dismal, but throw a lot of ice and snow in there and I guess it goes without saying that they're sure to be bright! The winter photography is definitely proving to be easier than I originally anticipated.

I added a label to the bottom of all my 365 posts, called '365'. If you click on that label, it'll show all my previous posts for Project 365.

January: 246 - 276/365


  1. Beautiful! I find these winter days bright and beautiful!


  2. My fave.... Lilah with the envelope.

  3. Jill, Lilah is very beautiful, congratulations! and what a great project of yours.
    Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you with all the positive information you gave me the other day and to let you know that I am starting a blog too.

  4. *I* love your year of the rabbit girl! Gorgeous! You are amazing! What did you use to compile the month? I am inspired seeing it all together! Is it too late for me to start!? Wink!

  5. It's never too late! ;) I started this 365 Project last May, so I kinda go against the 'norm' of starting January 1st! :)

    I use the mosiac maker in flickr toys ( then add the border and text in Picnik.

    I really hope you do it, once you get the hang of it, it's a lot of fun. By month three I wasn't putting so much pressure on myself and started enjoying it much more! I think it has helped me develop!


  6. Hi Jill...was great to get your comments! Ditto on the photos and memories. Someone asked me yesterday at work if I thought my year off had flown by and yes it has, but thanks to the diary I have kept, lots of photos and of course my blog, I feel like we have done LOADS!!
    Your 365, I know probably takes a lot of time but is SO worth it..Those memories will keep you warm on cold winter nights!
    Next month, Gracie, Mum and me are going to stay with family in takes no time at all to get there.....Scotland would be a great home for you guys! And the people here love the Irish....but who doesn't????

  7. Love your bright and beautiful photos on this gray winter day! Lovely!!!!!

  8. Your pictures are so pretty and colourful, and your Lilah is such a sweet and bright child. Happy happy happy!

  9. You are doing so great with the 365! I don't think I could keep up. I also love the grids you put together at the end of each month.

    That's funny you mentioned how bright your winter photos are because I was thinking something similar recently. I'm actually starting to love winter just because of the low winter sun! It makes for much better photos much of the day than the high summer sun! And you are right: all that snow and ice sure brightens things up too!