Saturday, January 15, 2011

her first time on ice, wearing skates!

first time skating

We took Lilah to the Rideau Canal today so she could try out her first pair of ice skates.

I'm so proud of my girl, she loved every single second of it, falling down, getting up, walking around, getting her balance, slipping and sliding. One time she fell down and started making a snow angel - she is always the opportunist! And another time, after falling down, she looked up at me and said: "If you fall down too Mama, we might break the ice!" Heh! I can't say this often enough, how it makes my heart swell to see her love for life. How determined she is, how much she laughs and the fun we have together. I'm so very very blessed.

I'm also a ridiculously biased Mama, because I think she's a complete natural on ice. And I have a feeling we're going to be slipping and sliding around the Rideau Canal quite often now! Thankfully it's just a skip and a hop up the street from our house.


  1. You should enter one of these in next week's I heart Faces contest...the theme is winter wonderland...these are beautiful. I especially love the bottom right photo in the first collage. Precious face!

  2. Jill,

    I think she's pretty amazing too - and my oldest two are amazing athletes - they never could have skated at age 3!!!

    I agree that you should enter the i <3 faces challenge :)

    xo ellie

  3. Honestly Jill? These photos want to make me pack up and move to Ottawa..says she who doesn't even like the snow!
    Lilah has such a zest for life.
    Love Debsx

  4. Such beautiful pictures..I have never been to Ottawa but hope to one day:) Looks like an amazing place to skate. Lilah is doing great for her first time on skates!!!!

  5. Lilah is so willing to take a try at anything. And skating at three years old, that is pretty good, she does look like a natural. The canal is beautiful, you are so lucky to live so close to it!

  6. Nope, you're not just biased, she's truly amazing! I love how game she is to try new things, and what a beautiful place to learn to skate.

    Gin =)

  7. Wow! That is amazing! 3 yrs old and skating! She must be Canadian! lol! It looks so beautiful there on the canal!

    Way to go Lilah!


  8. What fun and Miss Lilah looks like a natural!
    Love her sweet smile!!!!!!

    I remember you posting about this cool place before and I thought it looked like so much fun!
    I think we would be visiting there often if it was close to our house.

  9. Skating on the canal is such an iconic Canadian experience - that is awesome that Lilah had her first skate here. It looks sooo beautiful. I can't believe you live so close.

    All of your pix are amazing but that first one really moves me - father and daughter, the falling snow, the setting (including the bridge), your editing ... sigh. It is perfection!

    Btw, Lilah is truly gifted on skates! I know from my own little ones that it doesn't come naturally to everyone ...

  10. I've always wanted to skate on the Rideau canal. Lilah looks like she had an amazing time. Love her nice and cozy winter outfit too.