Sunday, January 9, 2011

i wish her birth mother knew...

This morning at Church, a Chinese lady came over to me and said: "I looked over at her (Lilah) this morning and thought to myself, I wish her birth mother knew how happy she is".

At which point we both started crying, because more than anything, I wish the same.

Vince & Ciela's Wedding


  1. and your loves shines through in every post!

    where you both in the same wedding?


  2. Hi Lea,

    No, just Lilah was a flowergirl.

    My dress (that I bought in Tristan) almost matched though! :)


  3. goodness girl, you are so pretty!!! glad you are back to blogging!

  4. so many times i have wondered the same thing. could her birth mother POSSIBLY know that - from that day she left her baby to be found on a park bench - could she even IMAGINE that she'd be laughing and singing and dancing and getting her nails done and buying pink shoes and playing with puppies and playing with dolls and fighting with brothers...could she even imagine that's what happened? I wish she would know the peace that she's not just "okay", she's happy. And loved. And cherished.

    p.s. you girls are beautiful!

  5. I think this almost everyday... I wish they could know... as a mother, it would be so hard to wonder everyday! At least it would give some peace.

  6. Jill, you both look so happy in this photo...just beautiful!
    Both you and your husband have done such an amazing job as parents..and I agree with the previous post, it does always shine through just how much you all love each other. dx

  7. I wish the same for my kids' birth parents. That, and peace.

  8. Isn't that such a hard thing to struggle with!?! I can't imagine wondering how my child was doing, so heartbreaking.

    Both you ladies look lovely in your matching dresses.


  9. Yes, she is obviously very happy and content, and well loved. She has a fantastic Mama and Baba. This is one of my greatest wishes, too. Hugs.

    Gin = )

  10. I have this dream that somehow...(and I know it won't happen)...we could build this really large billboard and erect in their hometown and present a picture of the girls at birth and then now and describe how happy and treasured and thriving and healthy and etc. they are. And, that on the billboard, we would also say "Bless your heart and thank you so very much for doing what you did".

    But we can't. But, I also imagine that their birthmother knows deep down that they are doing great.

    Great post.


  11. So beautiful. We don't even have our adopted baby yet, but I write letters in a journal to her all the time. I want to give it to her when she's older so that she knows how much we love and long for her. I write all the time how grateful we are to her birth parents and how we pray everyday that God will give them the peace to know how loved, safe, and happy she is once she's in our arms.

  12. Jill,

    you've made me cry too.

    I was just thinking about that for my two.

    xo ellie

  13. Beautiful picture of you and Lilah. I often think the same thing!

  14. Beautiful thoughts--I think the same thing every day.

    Lovely photo of you two. :)

  15. And now you make me cry. I think this so often.

  16. Oh and that photo os stunning of both of you:)

  17. hi Jill,
    I'm requesting permission to use this photo in my FB, as I'm doing a note on wedding. if you allow, this picture will be under the sub-title wedding{flower girls}, and the source of this photo will be clearly stated.
    do let me know if it's ok. thanks.