Wednesday, January 5, 2011

guitar enthusiast

Just when I thought the "Jesus Loves Me" chorus couldn't get any better! It just did.


  1. Just WONDERFUL!!
    Well played and sung Lilah.
    Yes its sure got better.
    Papie & I give 100% mark for this show piece (-:
    Luv U little lady and miss you too!!

  2. LOL, that's an adorable version indeed!! BRAVO, BRAVO!!
    ps love the new profile picture, SO pretty!!

  3. I like she stands on a little soapbox! She just needs to set out a guitar case and raise some cash. I think she is rather gifted.

  4. My oldest son was obsessed with guitars when he was younger. We bought him a ukelele--which was passed on to Sam and then Lily right before Christmas. It needed a bit of gluing--but when Lily saw this video, she picked it up and joined Lilah in song! So cute!

    Love the bow at the end!

    Also, is your playroom always that clean?

  5. Oh my...that brought back memories! I played guitar when I was a wee bit older than Lilah and with all my sisters (5 of us)we use to sing in our church in Antrim and also in a few surrounding churches. My guitar wasnt pink though :-(
    Lilah definetly holds a tune well...she is just a star! dx

  6. Oh I loved her rendition of this song! Kerry loved it too, she's asked to watch it 5 times already,

    Gin =)

  7. I love the fact that she was standing on the stool! too cute!


  8. Tia says:

    She is a GOOD singer! She has a beautiful Tar, I wish I had one.

    Elijah says:

    I like the song. It is great.

    Tia says:

    I love her. (and then she burped - and then she giggled.) Lilah is the best girl in the world.

    Ellie says: the best girl besides Tia of course :)

    Thanks for sharing Lilah with us!!