Monday, January 24, 2011

'innocent wonder'

'Innocent wonder' is the theme over at 'I Heart Faces' this week. I wouldn't know where to start for this theme, I was looking through my Flickr sets and I found a lot of photos that (I felt) suited this subject!

In fact, it is my absolute favourite way to capture Lilah - when she's facinated with something, trying to figure it out, studying it, intrigued with the wonder of it - I can't help but want to capture those moments. Indeed, it's one of the main reasons I pull out my camera so much.

Her favourite question at the moment is "But why?" Oftentimes I have no answer for her 'why', because it's unanswerable. She is just so curious about stuff and life that 'why' is the way she communicates to try and understand it. It is absolutely amazing to watch her grow and learn. I get swept up in her zeal to soak up every little thing.

I am learning about life again, the big things and the little things, the complex things and the simple things - through her eyes. And it is incredible.

Carleton University Butterflies experimental gardens autumn beauty petrie island
holding flower christmas 2010
halloween cupcakes the remnants of summer farm & flowers 3/365 - sink bubbles - 9:00am march 8th guitar playing zhongqiu festival - 2010 blowing bubbles
duck feeding & dandelions grimy little worm
23/365 - baba's birthday - 9:30am Cape Breton - Inverness down by the river biking to the wall mural


  1. Wow, do you ever have a lot of photos displaying "innocent wonder"! I can see now that it is a recurrent theme in your photos! If you ever go into business, it'd be a great name!

    I sooo want you to enter one in the challenge! My vote is for the one of Lilah examining the pinkish maple leaf.

    On a different note, I'm dying to know how you get your photos in the side by side format. I've googled it before but only found instructions that seemed pretty complicated.

  2. oh my lordie she is so cute! and, where oh where do you buy all her clothes?


  3. Hi Monica!

    I've entered the challenge a couple of times before. It's fun! I really enjoy seeing the yourself! ;)

    I use the html code in Flickr to post my photos. To get them side by side I use the smaller medium or the small. Also, I had to edit the html in my template so that the margins were wider to accomodate them. And I can't tell you exactly how I did it, it was very much trial and error. I'm certainly no pro in html!

    I hope this helps. Let me know.

  4. Thx for the info! I'll have to give that a try!

  5. I love the one with the butterfly, the pink leaves and the dog wall... I don't know which one best! They are all gorgeous...

  6. Hi Lea!

    I really should do a post on where I buy clothes! I think when you hear, you'll think I'm a shopaholic... which is only maybe partially true! :)

    I looked through these pictures and here are all the shops her clothes were purchased from...

    Etsy (manimina), Roots, Joe Fresh, Gap, Old Navy, Gymboree, Etsy (theuptownbaby), Claires, Debenhams (Ted Baker), Marks & Spencer and Matilda Jane.

    Some of my other favourites are...
    Next, Janie & Jack, Children's Place, Naartjie, Tea, Okaidi, Monsoon...and lots more Etsy stores!

    Let me know if there is anything in particular you want to know more about. I am always happy to help. :)


  7. She seems to have such an inquisitive nature, and she she makes studying things look so adorable.

    Gin =)

  8. Beautiful photos... all of them and beautiful Lilah!