Monday, January 10, 2011

snow play

snow play

I kinda felt like we'd seen enough of this cold white stuff while we were in Ireland. But no such thing - welcome to Canada! I guess we'll be putting up with snow for another few weeks and months! So we may as well embrace it! Lilah loves it, she has so much fun in the snow! It does my heart good to see her enjoy the outdoors. She's good for me, she really pushes me to get out and enjoy the winter season.

And we both love hot chocolate! It's our reward for putting up with freezing cold weather!


  1. love that hat and scarf set! How cute!

    You must do your post on where you buy things one day.

    I have decided to embrace winter this year too! I love to walk my dogs through the trails it is so pretty! And, they love it.


  2. Winter is beautiful... but I am done with it this year! Only three more months to go!

  3. The snow has come back again to Scotland and N Ireland!
    Guess we will just have to learn to embrace it too!
    So excited, Im going back to N Ireland soon with my mother and Gracie to visit my aunties and their families....will definetly out for some more Irish photos!

  4. I love how you laid out this post!

    Aren't kids great the way they embrace the snow? Mine don't even seem to notice the cold the way I do.

    Funny about the hot chocolate: that's one of my upcoming posts!

  5. Umm yeah, I am totally with Paige! Winter can't be done soon enough!!!
    Only 3-4 more months!


  6. Great post and great photos! Lilah looks so happy and that scarf/hat combo is too cute!

    Love the Wish her Birth Mother Knew post.... oh my... that has me in tears!!!!!
    You girls are so beautiful!

  7. Love the hat..the scarf..the cutie pie wearing them. We got snow today, too!

    Gin =)

  8. I agree with Virginia - I love the hat, scarf & cutie pie too! These are super cute - but I'm not jealous that you might have the snow around for a few more months.

    Good thing you like Hot Chocolate!