Friday, January 28, 2011


If I've ever wondered what sixteen will look like, well here it is!

Minus the glasses, maybe. It depends if she actually needs them or if she just wears some fake ones, like she is here. She told Baba today, "This is what I'll look like when I'm sixteen". And he said, "But you'll always be my baby girl". I actually think she scoffed at him!

Now all she needs is the saying: 'whatev-ah!' - which is a very teenage thing to say, from what I hear. What a scary thought!

sixteen? sixteen? sixteen? sixteen? sixteen?

The picture (directly above), is her 'teacher face'!

[ the photo set is here ]


  1. I can totally see her as a sixteen year old! She can do the glasses, even if she doesn't need them. She will be a great teenager!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! YOu have made my day with this one! She looks like that just might be the next words out of her mouth! Whatever with an eye roll!

    Have a great weekend!


  3. I will take comfort in you Paige! You know a lot more about teenagers than i do!

    And you're right, she doesn't need to need the glasses to wear them! She totally wore these to playgroup today, our girl is very comfortable with whatever she chooses and wants to do!


  4. "Hey, Lilah, do you, like, wanna go to the mall and hang out?"

    Great set, Jill! You have such a great way of capturing life with Lilah.

  5. Oh my word! All that's missing is a phone in her hand for "texting", of course. It's pretty obvious that she's going to be a knock-out! These just made me smile, SHE just makes me smile. Jill, your cheeks must be hurting by the end of the day with her around.

    Gin =)

  6. I tried to leave a comment earlier, but couldn't figure out how, I hope it works this time...

    Lilah is totally cool, and she has this scholar look when she puts on glasses like that, so adorable. I can totally picture her as a smart and fun teenager. This child, she is going to soar like an eagle. God bless!

  7. Lilah is going to be a beautiful lady one day! And I would put my last penny on her ALWAYS being Daddy's baby! dx

  8. So cute! She will be a teenager full of compassion and life :) I love that she even thought about what she'll look like when she is 16! You have such a sweet girl on your hands!


  9. Be still my heart, she's the cutest 16 year old I've ever seen! I'm lovin' those glasses and that 'tude!

    :) Gail

  10. Jill, I have to say that theses are my favourite pictures so far, so adorable. Like others have said, I love the attitude!

  11. I! Love! Her! Teacher! Face!

  12. Right down to the SHIRT she's SIXTEEN!!!! I SO would have wore that shirt when *I* was sixteen :>)

    Oh, Lilah Grace - you are perfect in every way - don't grow up too fast!

  13. OH MY.... I JUST LOVE HER TO PIECES!!! She is beautiful and those glasses are a scream!

    Your pictures really say so much.... they always tell a story and she is just as cute as can be!!

    So happy to see you comment today....somehow I lost you. I guess I did not have your blog saved in my blogroll. I know you had been participating in BW Wednesdays and then I kind of fell off the map when we were about to travel and did not make it around to visit at all. Now I am adding you to the list of blogs I follow so I don't "lose you" again:)

    Have a wonderful week~



  14. Oh, these are utterly darling!! What personality she has. :)

  15. Oh my....she is so expressive. My oldest will be 8 in a couple of months and we are already working the attitude issues. She know so much more than I did when I was 8. Great shots!

    Erika B

  16. Such a cutie pie she is....I just love how you capture life with Lilah..such a beautiful girl and such beautiful pictures:)

  17. Oh how I love how you capture this little one in your photos! She is delightful in every way and with a mama and baba like you and Collin she is going to be one amazing little 16 year old daddy's girl! Truely, it will be such a joy to see what God will do through Miss Lilah Grace!!

  18. Haha! She really does look so grown-up here.