Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the joy of love: [ what they do ]

So I'm doing a little project this month, maybe not every single day, but I'm going to tag along as much as possible! It's called 'the joy of love' and it runs for the month of February. An email is sent out daily with the photo assignment of the day, along with photography tips! And it's FREE! Go here to join in.

Today's challenge is 'what they do'. When I saw the email this morning, I had something in mind. And then, as we were sitting eating breakfast - my first and Lilah's second! - I grabbed my camera, because the lighting was great and to be honest, eating is one of our favourite things to do. In fact, it's 'what we do' best! We're a very-passionate-about-eating family!

Lilah was totally loving her pork and black pepper pâté on toast, and grapes - I love pâté on toast and it wasn't too many days after we brought Lilah home from China that she fell in love with it too!

Oh, and she is never without her frames these days!


  1. She is so beautiful....Great pictures and great light. I am getting the daily emails as well....although I am not sure how many I will have time to do, but I am going to try!!

    Looks like you had a great breakfast. I can't say that I have ever had pate on toast for breakfast, but it sure sounds good:)



  2. Black pepper pâté on toast, with grapes? I've never tried that before, but by the look on Lilah's face, it must be delicious! I adore eating too, but alas, each time I wasn't careful with my diet, I swelled up like an inflated balloon.

    I'm falling in love with your blog and photos, they are beautiful~

  3. Love how she is studying the grapes sooo hard in the first picture...she is just a hoot with those glasses on!
    And pate and toast for breakfast? One of my favourites...why stick to boring old cornflakes???? dx

  4. I may have to try pate for breakfast as well, I had no idea.... Great shots.

  5. As always, you capture her so well. Beautiful!
    Sounds like a yummy breakfast. :)

    I'm also doing the same Feb. 'joy of love' project. I don't think I can take a picture everyday but will try to do a couple each week. Looking forward to seeing more of your's.

  6. I'm impressed at what an adventurous little eater she is. Love these photos of your beautiful Lilah.

    Gin =)

  7. Love the frames on Lilah.

  8. You really are foodies! That breakfast looks yummy!

    Great start to the 'Joy of Love'!