Monday, February 28, 2011

project 365 ~ month of february ~ 277-304/365

Here are my contributions to the tenth month of Project 365.

We've had a lot of fun times in this short month of February. But let's be honest, I am so ready for spring! And according to our Ontario groundhog, it's going to be early this year?! I say that as huge snow flakes are falling out of the sky at this very second - in fact, they've been falling for a few hours now! That being said, I already notice the daylight hours are lengthening. And that makes me super happy!

I've had a few peeps ask me about the mosiacs I create each month - like the one below. It's really easy! I use a free online application on the Big Huge Labs website. Big Huge Labs is also linked up with Flickr, where all my photos are uploaded, but it isn't necessary to have a flickr account, just handier! There are lots of fun toys you can play around with on the website, I use the 'mosiac maker'. You can customize your mosiac to your own specific requirements, by the number of rows and columns, etc. When it's complete I then upload it to Flickr and add the border & text using the Picnik application. I hope you find it as easy to use as I do! And if you have any questions, just shout.

February: 277 - 304/365


  1. I could look at your photos..and Lilah.. all day long! I love your picks for the month of Feb. Hey, we both have green eyes!

    Gin =)

  2. Thank you SO much for 'showing' me how to make the collages. I am SO excited to have completed collages for my January and February months of my {365}! I can't wait to continue following your adorable blog!! :)

  3. I just love your hubby bought me a new camera and I am so desperately trying to learn first SLR. Lilah is so darn cute and your pictures are amazing!!

  4. I am pretty sick of this Ontario weather myself. But, I feel there is a hint of spring in the air.

    It does look like you had a fabulous February. Well you definitely made the BEST of it.


  5. My fave is the one of you and your hubby...

    You should come to Alberta... Ontario will seem a hundred times better then!

  6. You are very welcome Brooke. :)
    Sorry it took me so long since you first asked.


  7. Thank you for sharing that information Jill, I had been meaning to comment you and ask how you created them. Your photos are so beautiful.

    P.S - I am a blog reader from Ireland! Love you blog, Lilah is so precious and the love you both have for her shines through your writing!