Tuesday, March 1, 2011

wall art for the new bedroom

I've been known to change my mind a few times before - understatement of the year! But thankfully that only happens when it comes to decorating decisions. And once I finally make up my mind I can't be wavered. I'm pretty stubborn like that!

Since my last bedroom post, I've done a lot more thinking and decision making, before going ahead and ordering the prints on Etsy. Anyway, I was thinking since the bed set has already got a lot of colour, I don't want to have another rainbow of colours on the wall above the bed.

So I decided to choose one of the colours and go with it. As you well know by now, Lilah's favourite colour is pink, so I felt I should go with her favourite colour. I think these prints (in white frames) will look good against the grey wall paint.

So I had to go back to Etsy and search for more pink prints. Here are the prints I've come up with and ordered. I hope I made the right decisions. And it doesn't bother me that the shades of pink are all different. Oh, and ALICE will be LILAH, of course!

My little piggy lovers favourite is... Well, I'm sure you already know which one she loves!

idea: lilah's bedroom


  1. I love them all! I am sure they will look lovely! Happy decorating.


  2. Keep calm and love pigs... too cute! I like the idea of doing hearts in pink... it will look great.

  3. Great idea, love them all, especially the piggy.

  4. How fun to decorate! Love them all, but could you please share the Etsy link for the Keep calm one?

  5. If you would like any more shops of where I found these prints, please don't hesitate to ask.

    Here is the link for the 'keep calm shop'...

    Oh and just so you know, I ordered the 5x7 print. It comes in larger sizes too.

    Jill :)

  6. Jill I think you made a great choice on choosing one colour and I love all the prints you chose. Can't wait to see Lilah's room once it's done!


  7. I too, love the "Keep Calm and Love Pigs", how adorable! Looking forward to seeing pictures of the completed room.

  8. Oh the prints are pretty, I love how simple and soft and calm these wall arts are. I think I'll order some for myself too ^^

  9. I love what you've chosen and I think they will all look great in her room. I have to visit that "Keep Calm" shop.

    Gin =)

  10. I think you have made the right decision with this Jill...it is going to look grand!
    Oh and I love the "I loved you before I met you" pic...dx

  11. Love,love your blog...How fun it's to decorate!
    I am starting to decorate our daughter room.
    Our LID is 4 July 2006...so we are hoping to bring her home this year. Sorry for my English, this is my second language.
    Kisses nad hugs to Lilah.
    Greetings from Germany!

  12. LOVE them all - but especially the pigs. too cute!

    xo ellie
    ps please show us the room when it's finished - you know I love your taste!