Friday, March 4, 2011

a conversation with piggy

You remember that 'Keep Calm & Love Pigs' print from a couple of posts back? Well, it stands true, because I overheard my sweet girl telling her Piggy Boy this recently...

"Hey Piggy, you know someday next September I'm going to school? 'Cause I'll be 4.
And you can come too, okay? 'Cause I might need to snuggle you in case I'm feeling sad."

She was born in the year of the pig, and she absolutely adores her stuffed pigs. Especially Piggy Boy, in fact, she refers to him as her baby brother. And if I ever slip up and say there are three people in our family, she is quick to correct me and remind me that there is indeed four!

piggy love


  1. Yep! You can't forget about Piggy Boy! That would be tragic! I love to hear about Lilah's conversations, they crack me up.:) How's the weather out your way? We fly to Montreal on Sunday! I am hoping for much warmer weather than here!


  2. I can imagine how sweet and calming it is to hear her little voice chatting away with her piggy boy.

  3. What a sweet little conversation, and what a precious, precious little girl. I love this photo of her with her piggy friends. She just makes me smile..really big.

    Gin =)

  4. Im so glad she has Piggy !!! Amazing what goes on in her wee head!!

  5. So cute :) I didn't even realize there were 4 of you - lol. I love Lilah stories, your little girl is too adorable!

    xo ellie

  6. Oh those piggies are so cute. What a blessed family of 4!

  7. Very sweet picture of Lilah and her piggies... Out of the eight of us in our house, five of us are pigs too!