Friday, March 11, 2011

several things she's said recently

I'm the Baba, 'cause I'm wearing a tie

When she's wearing her tie, like in the photo above, she says: "I'm the Baba and I'm wearing my Sunday tie!"

During bedtime prayers: "Thank you God for Mama's sore back, 'cause she can't bend over. Maybe she'll get better in the summer time!"

One day, while we were sitting in Tim Horton's, a policeman came in (for a coffee) and Lilah asked what was on his belt. A gun, of course! She asked the big "why?" question and I ended up having to explain why he carries a gun. So a few days later, at home, she came running up to me and announced: "I'm a police woman and I have guns on my belt - to save the good people!"

When I pray with Lilah I thank God for the people in China. (And then I go on to pray for her birth parents, her nannies, and the children that live in the orphanage that are waiting for families.) But when Lilah prays she doesn't say 'the' people in China anymore, she says: "Thank you God for MY people in China."

Lilah: It's time to go Mum.
Me: You haven't put your (pretend) laptop away yet.
Lilah: Oh. Well. You haven't put your laptop away yet.
Me: *Laughs* (In a guilty kinda way!)
Lilah: Oh ohhhhhhhhh. We have a problem!

"Know how much I love Baba? I love him when it's snowing and I love him when it's raining."

She repeats some of the things we tell her. One day she said: "You know what? It's not all about what wee girls want!"

Talking while doing her 'letter of the day': "I did write some uppercase letters and some downercase letters."

"I'm called Lilah Grace Xiao Tong. And my age is called 3 and a half."

As we were driving into Ottawa after our little trip to the US: "Oh, is this Canada now? 'Cause I don't see any flags with the leaf yet!"

All thanks to 'The Berenstain Bears', I overheard her saying this: "One two three four five six. Know what? I'm counting my blessings!"


  1. She really does say some precious things... I love the last quote about counting her blessings. She seems to have a very positive personality. I love the tie, but maybe your hubby should go for something skinnier... LOL!

  2. That is SO sweet! My favorite is that she says "MY people in China!!" Too Precious!! :) With love...

  3. "My people in China" has to be the cutest, OK, with who she is statement I have ever heard!


  4. So darling. I want to meet her (and her parents) some day!

  5. Hilarious!! I like her looking out for the Candian Flag - very observant little girl!

  6. i like the way Lilah thinks and speaks, she is definitely very bright and fun =)
    and i love My people in China most!

  7. I just love the things she says! She is so smart and funny. I like the laptop comment...cuz it kinda hits close to home for me (also laughing in a kinda guilty way).

    Gin =)

  8. Love "Lilahisms"! Are you sure she is only three and a half??! Dx