Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a wee chorus

Lilah Grace was singing this "God is so good" chorus around the house all morning. Can I just say how much she brightens my day, listening to her sweet little singing voice. It thrills me.

I'm pretty sure this chorus is one that she sings in her Sunday School class with her teacher and the other kiddies. And after watching this movie a few times, I realized she sings the word 'prayer' with a Northern Irish accent! Well, to be honest, I wouldn't even have noticed her accent, because it's not us has the accent, right?! But then I heard her singing the last word 'prayer' at 00:05 and realized there is a difference in how she pronounces prayer - I'm pretty sure the last 'prayer' sounds more Canadian!

At least I think it's Northern Irish vs Canadian - I'll let you be the judge!

God is so good. God is so good. God is so good. He's so good to me.
He answers prayer. He answers prayer. He answers prayer. He's so good to me.


  1. Very good singing Lilah! I don't know... it sounded pretty Canadian to me, but I am sure she picks up on your accent quite a bit too! Love the Irish accent!

  2. That is SO cute Jill and she does say 'prayer' just like you and Colin do!

  3. That's just adorable! Whether Canadian or Irish pronounciation, it's evident that Lilah can keep a tune!

  4. Oh this is the sweetest!! I love her little voice and she can carry a tune quite well. This song is actually one of our "special" songs and I've sung it to Kerry since day one. Only I add the verse "He gave me you (3x), He's so good to me".

  5. Oh my word she is just the sweetest little Joy!! I could listen to her sing all day long. Thank you for sharing your precious little gem! Mary

  6. Hi Jill...Love this You are right. As you know I regard myself an expert in these matters!! LOL
    She definetly says "prayers" with the Irish twang and that last one is Canadian.. Bless her! I hope she keeps a little of that will take her places in life!! HA HA!!
    I will be singing this all day Virginia's version by the way...dx

  7. Cuteness! I love her little voice! So sweet!


  8. What a sweet little voice and I love the accent!!!!!

  9. @ Gin: I had tears in my eyes reading your comment, that's an absolutely beautiful verse you sing to Kerry.

    Jill xx

  10. Oh that is so sweet and I adore Gin's addition too:)

    Love that lil Lilah! I also love all the art work you chose for her room. I think it will all come together splendidly. I especially like the You are so Loved print:)

    Have a great weekend.

  11. Oh and yes, I notice an accent of prayer too:)