Sunday, March 6, 2011

hand knit by nono

When we were home (in Ireland) at Christmas, my Mum had just knit this beautiful sweater vest for Lilah, along with two different style hats to match. She also knit Piggy a teeny tiny matching scarf.

Since our little trip to the US (where I picked her up a little denim skirt to wear with it), it's been hard to get her to wear anything but it. It's simply beautiful and Lilah knows it. You should see her twirl and fancy herself wearing it - it's so adorable! In fact, it's times like this that I can really see her brimming with confidence. And that makes me smile, because it wasn't always that way.

I kinda wish my Mum had passed on her wonderful knitting talent.

handknit by Nono handknit by Nono
handknit by Nono handknit by Nono handknit by Nono

And don't these cupcakes Lilah and I made for the Sunday School Treat yesterday just scream springtime? It sounds wonderful, but in all reality, we got 15cms of snow last night - so spring definitely hasn't arrived around these parts yet, other than in the form of a cupcake!

The pink frosting was totally Lilah's choice, I would have been happy to just go with white! But as Lilah would say: "It's not ALL about what Mamas and Babas want!" - which is obviously a direct quote she's heard from us, with her own slant added. Usually she hears it as: "It's not ALL about what little girls want!"

i smell spring!

One last photo. Just because our family has a very serious addiction to these Cadbury's Mini Eggs! Thankfully Easter (and Mini Eggs) only rolls around once a year!


  1. I love how your mom knit a little scarf for Piggy too - grandma's know the way to little girl's hearts!

  2. The scarf and hat are beautiful... even Piggies! And she totally pulls off the whole look with those glasses of hers.

  3. I love knitted "stuff" for wee ones too, Jill! When Gracie arrived, everyone had their knitting needles out doing all those little baby cardis etc...I have one in every colour for Gracie. They are too small now but going to keep them for when the baby dolls start to arrive! I am positive that my sister knitted that very same pattern for Gracie last month ...will post a photo soon! I love the wool Nona used...Lilah suits that colour. I think when someone actually spends time in knitting a wee cardi or something, it means so much more, doesnt it?
    Your little fairy cakes look lovely BTW...I have such a sweet tooth!

  4. Ps Do you remember Nana Mouskeri ( she was a singer from Athens , famous in the late 1970s?) Lilah reminds me of her in those glasses! dx

  5. the knit sweater and hat are amazing. the touch of the little flower on the hat is just so cute. The best party is that Lilah Is "brimming with confidence," wearing them.

    I have just bought my first bag of the deadly eggs myself! YIKES, I think it is at least 6-weeks till Easter.


  6. Granddaughter you make such a wonderful model for this pattern and my knitwear!
    You are every inch the perfect model
    and piggy too of course! (-:
    And if Mama can make cupcakes like that I believe it wont be long till she masters the knitting too!
    Luv YOU Nono x

  7. She looks so precious in her knit vest and hat...Grandmas are wonderful in so many ways!
    My mother is a knitter too. :)

    Ugh. You just reminded me of those evil good Cadbury eggs...trying hard to stay away from them.

  8. YUM! Those eggs are making me crave Easter candy!!! The photos of Lilah in her sweater and hat are too adorable! and the glasses make her look extra smart :)

    I hope Spring gets there soon for you!

    xo ellie

  9. Lilah's Nono is very talented. That hat and vest are beautiful and Lilah makes the perfect little model.

    Gin =)

  10. Love your pretty cupcakes!

  11. She looks so cute in the hat and vest. Love those mini eggs too, yummy.