Thursday, February 24, 2011

"do you want to see it on my blog?"

the hat the hat the hat

Direct quote from Lilah yesterday: "I'm flying to China. I'm going to get a baby boy called Franklin, he's adopted too. And I took a picture - do you want to see it on my blog?"

That's the first time she's mentioned the blog. But not the last!

While I was taking these photos of her today, she asked me, "Are you taking these for the blog?"

My (blogging) secret is out - the 3 year old is on to me!


  1. Your girl is charming and your photos are magnificent
    Your blog is a real delight

  2. Oh my! Congratulations!!! Blessings, Wendy

  3. Oh, Oh! Now you are in trouble!! Might make you get even MORE cute photos now Lilah knows she is very famous though.......:-)

    And wonder where she got Franklin from?

    You must listen to my funny Scottish/Irish lilt...posted some clips on blog.
    How cringe worthy is the Irish accent when you listen to your own voice??
    Have a great weekend Jill

  4. Lilah is just adorable! Love the hat!

  5. Really sweet... She seems to have some big plans... I am glad she is willing to blog about it all.

    Love the hat!

  6. I love that last photo. How do you get her to be natural for the camera? Lily is already "posing" and giving me the fake camera smile.

  7. Oh that is too funny!!!! Love the name Franklin by the way! She looks too cute in her hat!!

  8. She's a funny one! Love her in the hat and glasses!!!

  9. What a cutie...I always love to come visit your blog...Lilah always makes me smile:)

  10. Oh, sounds like she's wise to you and your camera now, Mama. She just makes me smile. I love that hat, and I adore that little girl and those facial expressions. What a little character!

    So....Franklin, huh? Is this a hint of things to come??

    Gin =)

  11. Oops - when I left my comment earlier, I read the sentence about your secret to mean that your secret to adopt was out! Now I realize you meant your blogging secret. Love your photos of your precious daughter, Wendy

  12. Wendy, that was totally my fault with the wording. When you congratulated me I went back and read my post and thought, wow, it did sound like we were going to China to get 'Franklin'! Haha! :)

    Lilah loves watching Franklin movies and a lot of the time she will tell me she is either Franklin or Bear. The role playing is very cute. So, that's more than likely how she got the Franklin name. Hmm, I'm not sure it's my favourite boys name. Lol! :)