Friday, February 11, 2011

oh the things a three year old says!

sweet girly

Not sure what I was wearing the day she said, "Oh Mama, you can't wear THAT. You might scare the lifes out of them people!"

While we were cleaning out the dishwasher, she picked up one of the wedgewood china plates and said: "I won't drop this plate Mama, 'cause I know it's Chinese!"

During her bedtime prayers one night, she said: "Thank you God for giving me to Mama."

"Well sometimes you guys fustwate (frustrate) me, but not tonight!"

"Some day I might marry you and Baba, because you're my special girl and boy."

While I was vacuuming one day, she said: "Mum! I was reading the Bible and you shouldn't did that noise!"

While putting on her pajamas one night, she said: "One day these used to fit me, when I was a tiny tiny girl. But now I might break them!"

"Are those things vines or veins? Oh veins! I used to call them vines! Haha!"

"We're going shopping today, so you better smarten up!"

On the way home from Church, describing to us what the Bible Story (she was told in Sunday School) was about: "Throw the babies into the water, 'cause I'm the mean king!"

After telling her she couldn't have everything she wanted, but maybe she could get one or two things for her birthday, she replied: "Maybe I'll get four presents, 'cause I'm going to be 4 years old!"

After Baba told her she wasn't allowed to get married, she said: "Well I'm already married. I married Binny & Ciela when I was a flowergirl!"

"Do you want to order that fing I really liked in Chapters yesterday? On the internet?"

sweet girly


  1. Lilah is such a sweet, sweet blessing!! And funny as the day is long!! I love her!

  2. Soo cute! You must be laughing all day long!

  3. How sweet! She is going to love reading this one day.

  4. Oh my they are all so funny! I love the mall one!


  5. She is just precious...I laughed at them all.
    And so wise in many ways.

    Adorable pics. :)

  6. Oh, she makes me laugh! Great memories...

  7. Those are priceless! I even lol'd for real :) My favorite was oh Mama you can't wear that.... Way too funny. You have such a sweet girl Jill.


  8. LOVE her! She is so funny and smart and just plain cute! Like I've said before, I just love the way her little mind works.

    Gin =)

  9. I don't know what I like most. The Lilah-isms or the photo to go with it!

  10. "Throw the babies into the water, 'cause I'm the mean king!"

    HAHA I really did laugh out loud!
    & love how she "married" Ciela & Vinnny :)

  11. Oh the things they say are priceless! Love it!!!!! She is too cute!

  12. She is such a hoot! (Great photos to accompany the sayings, by the way! She looks so cheeky in that last one!)