Saturday, February 26, 2011

a new bed set

So we hope to have Lilah's new bedroom ready for her 4th birthday, in May, all being well. And while we were down in Syracuse, NY last weekend, we bought a bed set in Target. It's covered in pretty colourful hearts and to be perfectly honest, there are times that I totally question why on earth I bought something so jazzy and hearty. I'm more of a plain person myself, however, I think with grey walls (similar colour to the border I put around the photos below) and very plain white furniture, it will look good. I think. I hope so!

I kinda get the feeling Lilah likes her new bedset. And that's the main thing, because she, is the one that has to sleep in it!

new bed set

I've also found some lovely prints and artwork on Etsy, pictured below. I'm hoping to display several different unique little pieces above her bed headboard. I'm having a hard time deciding - let me know your favourites!

Can you tell I'm rather excited about her new bedroom? It's the empty room the photos (above) were taken in. And yes, I am excited. I enjoy decorating.

idea: lilah's bedroom idea: lilah's bedroom idea: lilah's bedroom idea: lilah's bedroom idea: lilah's bedroom idea: lilah's bedroom
idea: lilah's bedroom idea: lilah's bedroom
idea: lilah's bedroom


  1. I love her new bed set! Judging by these photos, yeah I'd say she's a little excited about it, too. Since grey is a neutral color, pretty much any other color (of colors) should look good, and these colorful hearts will pop nicely, I think. I like all of you choices for artwork. If I had to pick one favorite it would be the pig, since, of course, Lilah has a good buddy who's a pig. Have fun! I love decorating and redecorating my rooms and will use any excuse to do so, ha ha.

    Gin =)

  2. Hey Gin!

    We are two of a kind!

    Lilah was also born in the year of the pig, which is originally why my Mum bought her the piggy. Not realizing he'd very quickly become her best buddy. :)


  3. I think the bedding will look great! I love the first 3 prints. :) Looks like Lilah is smitten with her new bedding.


  4. I like the first 3 pics the pig! And very cute bed linen. Can we see the finished result??
    When we built our house several years ago, I had to paint all the skirtings and doors..I have been left scared for life!
    Love that you "get" my Irish phrasing! LOL

  5. Together we make a family.

    God is love

    and the PIG is just adorable.

    Have fun!


    PS. i love the gray colour.

  6. I think the bedding is incredibly sweet! I can hardly wait to the see the new room! I like the first three prints too.

  7. Lila is obviously thrilled and you capture her heart and spirit so well with your camera!

    The first three prints look great with the bedding... and of course, the piggie would go with anything!

    Love the grey similar to my Eliza Grace's nursery walls. Her room was shades of hot pink, brown and white...the colors looked amazing against the walls.

    Now, since Miss Lila is getting a new bedroom along with the new makes your bloggy friends wonder if the nursery is staying put together... :)

  8. I love them all (no help there :) however you MUST get that little pig - that is cuter than cute!

    hmmm I like Suzanne's last sentence :) I was dreaming about that last night (IT is a huge NO even in my dreams ) but it sure is contagious in blog land these days!)

    someday I think Tia must meet Lilah! (my excuse to meet YOU!)

    Have a lovely Monday!

    xo ellie

  9. Haha! Yes Suzanne. The nursery is staying put!

    We're hoping to put it to good use some day in the future, all being well. And I'm not talking about the grandchildren!!! ;)


  10. I LOVE our grandaughters new HEART bedding!
    And my favourite frames our the two with hearts on and of course piggy boy!!
    Luv you all MumXXX

  11. Enjoy decorating!! It's my favorite thing to do (and my husband's least favorite. lol)

    I LOVE the little cross stitch with the "love". I might have to make one of those!! Such a cute gift too.

  12. My favorites are the top pix as well as the "you are loved" and the pig of course....Also really like her new bedding. Hope we get to see a pix of her room once it's done?! Emma picked her bedding from Target too and it's polka dots. From what you can see from your pictures your home looks so nice:)


  13. the pig artwork!

  14. I kind of like the hearts, the colours are so cute.
    Hmm, I see some serious hinting about the future!

  15. She is adorable and does look like she is pretty much lovin those hearts!! I can't wait to see her room when it is is going to look GREAT!

    Happy March! Hopefully the spring weather is on it's way:)