Wednesday, February 23, 2011

family day weekend

This past weekend was a holiday in Ontario called the Family Day long weekend. We decided to take a trip to Syracuse/Waterloo, New York. We've been a few times before, but never with Lilah. But now that we have her citizenship and passport all sorted out, we can drive across the border whenever we feel like it again, yippee! Colin took an extra day off work and we set off Sunday afternoon and arrived back late last night.

Lilah LOVES trips. Her excitment literally vibrates from her body and all she could excitedly squeal about was her swimming suit and the swimming pool, the swimming pool, the swimming pool! We picked the hotel especially because it has an indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi, sigh, it was oh-so-lovely! We were in there all three days of our little getaway!

I was pretty happy about all the shopping. *grin*

And Miss Gracie talked her Baba into these rain boots (pictured below) and a raincoat to match, in her perfectly favourite colour - pink! Now she's all ready for some spring rainy day puddles!


  1. I so wish we had a Family Day in February in BC. Glad you were all able to have a little get away together, there's nothing better than a little shopping and spending time together.

  2. Glad you had a nice family break....there is just nothing better than spending quality time with your loved ones!

    Its sounds like an amazing weekend! Dx

  3. Love the dress, especially with those boots! I bet you had a great time shopping and just getting away. There is nothing more refreshing then a holiday!

  4. And just when I was starting to have Lilah withdrawals. I was beginning to wonder about you guys but I'm glad you had a nice Family Day weekend. I love that Lilah is such a great little traveler. I hope you enjoyed that nice toasty jacuzzi, and I'm not the least bit envious...well maybe a teeny bit.

    Gin =)