Thursday, February 17, 2011

inspiring spring weather

sweet girly

2°C today. 11°C tomorrow.

Spring clothes and colours abound in the shopping malls.

Realistically I know this spring like weather won't last long. But, I'm SO ready for spring.

Lilah and I walked to Tim Hortons today and it felt really good. It's been a long time. And recently Lilah has been gazing into our garden shed, wistfully looking at her trike and saying: "Can I trike again soon, when it's summer time?"

We so can't wait.

For grass. Flowers. And sweet summer dresses.

Speaking of summer dresses, here are six that I adore. A few of these are already hanging in the closet, patiently waiting for spring. We're heading to the US this weekend for a few days, and there's a pretty good chance I'll be adding a few more items!


  1. Oh i love all the dresses, especially the yellow one by 'three yellow star fish', so cute! Can't wait to see Lilah in these spring and summer dresses! ^^

  2. I long for Spring too... especially since it is -20 here! Love the dresses and I am so jealous that you can go to the US -- just for a couple of days! -- to shop.

  3. what georgous dresses. could you please share where you got them. Enjoy your time in the US where are you going?

  4. JinXiu: The links for the shops where you can purchase these dresses are underneath the picture I posted.

    We're going to Syracuse, NY. It's about a 4 hour drive.


  5. New York to shop! Wow....and here I was getting excited about our break to NI and a shopping trip to Ballymena!!! LOL
    Have fun Jill and am looking forward to seeing the photos...
    Remember to buy something nice for yourself too!!! Dx

  6. +11 tomorrow? Are you serious? No fair!

    We too, long for spring around here, where there is no need for tights or leggings under dresses. Thank you for posting where you found those dresses, I really like the "Creative Bee" and will be checking that out further.

    Enjoy your trip across the line!

  7. finally you share some of your shopping sites! I am off to check them out!

    Have fun in the US. I love shopping there and go quite often!


  8. sorry didnt see the links thank you

    have a great time in syracuse. if you ever come to NYC look me up

  9. I am dreaming of a green spring :) Love those dresses! I have been debating on TCP one for my girls :) Have fun in NY! I am also a little envious that you can just pop down to the states for a couple days of shopping :)

    Happy Shopping

  10. Ha so funny, I ran across your blog somehow clicked on this post and saw my little one in the dress she modeled for a friend who did a photo shoot for 2 startfish... That's my Paige in the yellow dress.. Hope you have a good visit to the US... if you on your way to NY it is chilly here right now...

  11. Love these! The orange / teal one with the birds would match your blog perfectly! You find the best stuff. I can't wait to see Lilah in these gorgeous dresses.