Saturday, October 13, 2012

second year of skating lessons

Lilah started her second year of skating lessons today.

She LOVES to skate! When I signed her up, back in August, she was so so super excited, she was jumping up and down with excitement! A lot has happened between then and now, but when I mentioned it this week, she did the exact same thing, jumped up and down clapping her hands with excitment!

She is back into the kindergliders class, same as last year. However, she is definitely a skill level up this year. I was thinking back to last year, her first time on ice and how she fell a fair amount those first couple of weeks, always with a smile on her face! But towards the end she had gotten quite competent in the skating department and rarely fell! Well, it's obvious that skating is like riding a bike... she just picked up where she left off last year.

She was very proud of herself and was definitely ready to show her little sis, Phebe, how well she could skate.

I love that girl of mine... I'm so proud of all her accomplishments.


  1. I am impressed with little Lilah... I wish I could skate! I plan to get my girls on ice this year... should be interesting.

  2. Way to go Lilah! I loved hearing how excited she is about skating.

    Gin =)