Saturday, December 6, 2008


We leave Ottawa on Wednesday morning at 9am, and eventually arrive in Guangzhou on Thursday at 11:20pm (after a 1 hour flight, a 15 hour flight and a 3 hour flight, and don't forget the 13 hour-ahead-of-us time difference)! We get Lilah the next morning at 10am. How's that for perfect timing! Here are the details of our daily activities.

Wednesday 10th - Fly to Toronto, Beijing & Guangzhou
Thursday 11th - Arrive in Guangzhou
Friday 12th - *Forever Family Day* / Apply for Lilah's Passport
Saturday 13th - Shopping
Sunday 14th - Site Seeing
Monday 15th - Security Bureau
Tuesday 16th - Free Day
Wednesday 17th - Get Lilah's Passport / Fly to Beijing
Thursday 18th - Apply for Lilah's Visa / Paperwork
Friday 19th - Visit The Great Wall
Saturday 20th - Visit Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City
Sunday 21st - Shopping
Monday 22nd - Free Day / Arranged Dinner
Tuesday 23rd - Get Lilah's Visa / Fly to Toronto & Ottawa


  1. Jill, you're so close...I know you're so excited. I haven't gotten the photos in the mail to you. Maybe I will just take all of them with me when I return to China and mail them to Yangdong from within country! I'm just too distracted right now between dossier documents for Meiying and the Christmas season. Anyway, I'll be following your travels and journey!! Safe travels.

  2. wishing and sending lots of love and good wishes on oyur adventure to parenthood.
    hugs and prayers
    julia nd ruthie

  3. Wow!! Looks like a busy, but exciting fun time ahead!! Will be keeping you three in our prayers. Have a safe and wonderful journey! Can't wait to meet princess, Lilah!
    Love and prayers,
    S&M XO

  4. Can't wait to follow your journey!!!!! So excited for you!

    Also hoping you received your package?

    Our prayers are with you!

  5. We wish you and Colin the best on your trip. Can't wait to meet your daughter.

    Peter, Lisa & Kai