Tuesday, December 30, 2008

lilah's happy and so are we!

my million dollar smile

I just watched my sweet daughter fall asleep without even a little murmur, what a wonderful feeling! It is 5:10pm and she just went to bed a few minutes ago, she's been coming on in leaps and bounds this past two days. Last night she got 10 hours sleep and another 2 hours for her nap today, oh it's the little things in life that we are so thankful for! She is like a new child, so happy and full of life! We are delighted! I just want to thank my two close friends that I emailed for advice, you know who you are and I deeply appreciate your kindness and expertise, thank you so very much. My Mum has been wonderful too, lots of excellent long distance advice! Thank you Mum, you're the best!

Well you know all is well in my world when I have time to vacuum the house AND take pictures of my cutie pie! You can see them here. We were in Wal-Mart again early this morning, not quite as early as the morning before though! Then after Lilah's nap we went out to the mall. While Colin was getting his hair cut I took Lilah into the pet store. Oh my, what fun she had, running from the kittens to the puppies to the budgies to the rabbits, full circle, over and over again! Those poor pets didn't stand a chance if they were trying to sleep! Oh how I love my girl!

flower power flower power


  1. hi jill and family
    just wanted to say congratulations.
    we have been keeping up reading all about you, always with tears.you could write a book(best seller).
    we are so happy for you and hope all goes well for you all in the future.
    take care
    aunty ruth,
    and your cousins tracy gemma and robert.

  2. What a change in Lilah since those first photos of her from the orphanage. She looks so happy and secure, so loved!! You are both wonderful parents! Thanking God for all the 'miracles' in bringing you all together. Wishing you a happy new year in 2009!
    M xo

  3. What a happy and sweet smile that is! Oh my word... she is the cutest!!!!

    Oh the difference some sleep makes!!!!
    So glad to hear you all are getting some sleep!!!!

    I love the picture of her in the doll stroller...
    I also love the video... Lily use to dance just like that. So sweet!

  4. oh my golly such a happy smile !
    I am so happy for you two.
    Sending lots of love, and you gotta love those 24hour stores.
    love julia

  5. I have to agree with the earlier comment about how happy Lilah Grace looks now that she has you two in her life. She is as beautiful as both your hearts...and that is pretty fine indeed! Off to visit the family up north for a few days, will catch up with you all next week.

    Pam xoxo

  6. Jill, Colin and Lilah Grace

    Been showing mum your website and shes absolutely gorgeous from the photos, so happy that you guys are finally all together for Christmas, been keeping a wee eye on your site... Just wanted to wish you all the best and a Happy New Year.
    When you guys come over let us know and we shall definately have to meet up!

    Lots of love,
    John, Ruth, Rachael, and Amy Campbell
    (the Northern Ireland bunch!)

  7. I think this is my first chance to comment, but it's been so amazing to follow along with this blog off and on over the holidays. Colin, Jill and Lilah you are a beautiful family. It is so wonderful to see Lilah looking so rosy and happy and to hear the shear joy in your stories.
    Congratulations and a very Happy New Year!
    Laura (and Aaron too)