Friday, December 12, 2008

china trip: forever lilah day

China:  Dec 12th

1 Samuel 1:27
For this child I prayed; and the LORD hath given me my petition which I asked of him

We are the very proud parents of a gorgeous girl! She went through a tough time today, probably one of the hardest days of her little life so far, but she did amazingly well. She is sleeping now, we even got a few smiles and a laugh from her before she fell asleep. She is precious, we have been blessed beyond measure. We love her so very very much.

Click here for more pictures of our forever family day and click here for pictures taken around our hotel and on our walk through some nearby streets this morning.

Thanks so much for all your prayers that have helped us make it through to this moment. We are thankful that our gracious Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers.

Here is a little clip of Lilah with Colin, this was taken after a lot of tears, you can see she is still a little unsure of everything. What a great kissy kissy Baba she has!

China:  Dec 12th China:  Dec 12th
China:  Dec 12th
China:  Dec 12th China:  Dec 12th
China:  Dec 12th


  1. This is so touching. Our hearts have melted...We praise God for your beautiful daughter, Lilah Grace. Colin & Jill, Congratulations on becoming parents to the most beautiful Guandong(hope that's correct) girl!!! We will continue to lift you up to the throne.
    S&M XO Thank you for sharing all the info and the photos-we appreciate you letting us 'share' in your journey!! We can't wait to meet your precious daughter!!

  2. Wonderful pictures of a wonderful family! We really are so happy for you guys, can't wait to see this little girl in person!


    P.S. I got the first post!!

  3. Jill and Colin -- Lilah is simply stunning!! What a precious little girl. I am so happy for you all! Vicki

  4. Ohhhhh, so lovely, so very lovely!! Congratulations! She's beautiful and we're so excited for all three of you. You look so happy and proud in the pictures. Enjoy her!


  5. Congrats Jill and Colin! Hope to see many more pictures of your sweet little girl. She is so adorable and you both look so much in love!
    Andrea xo

  6. She's GORGEOUS!!! LOVE it!


  7. Couldn't wait to get home to see photos. What a beautiful little girl. Congrats to you both. I know you will treasure every moment with her - tears as well as laughter. Prayers have been answered today. So happy for you both. lol Pam & co xo

  8. Congratulations Colin & Jill! Glad the long for waited day has final arrived. She has such wonderful, loving parents. Great photos and what a cutie! Looking forward to seeing the happy family soon.

    love in Christ,

  9. Oh my goodness ... I can barely type for crying. What a happy, happy time for you all. Thinking of you lots and remembering you in my prayers.

  10. She is so beautiful!!!What an emotional time for all of you. I am so happy to finally see her in your arms. Praise God!

  11. poor little thing, having to go through so much in such a short life.. she's in your arms now and you'll give her all the love and presence that she really needs. Hold her, hold her and hold her some more!! She's a lucky girl, you're a lucky family! You'll build really strong bonds together! We look forward to meet this beautuful little girl! Lilah is bigger than I imagined! We can play together... :)All the best on your journey home!!

  12. Jill, Colin and Lilah; congratulations on becoming a forever family! Today will be a day you will never forget. Lilah is stunning; gorgeous. I love the outfit that you received her in; down to the red boots. She was loved by the staff; I can tell. I loved the video too and how she responded and even looked at Colin during his smooches. Wonderful. Enjoy every moment and keep the posts and pictures coming. I'm so happy for all of you; I've got tears in my eyes...remembering everything about that "first" day myself. Big hugs! Sarah and little Eliza

  13. Congratulations Jill and Colin! I am so happy to be able to see your pictures. They are so heartwarming...I had tears of joy when I was looking at them. Lilah is absolutely precious!!!! It's such a special time for you. Thinking of you often...

  14. Welcome to our family.
    Our granddaughter is just so,so beautiful and precious. Such a pretty and adorable little girl and a lucky little girl to have two wonderful loving parents.
    You have been truly blessed as a family C&J.
    Would love to hold her too.
    Very emotional looking at the video clip and photos.
    Crying lots of tears of joy.
    Praise God for his goodness.
    My heart rejoiceth in the LORD, 1.SAMUEL 2 verse 1. Hannah's song.
    sending hugs and kisses to our new granddaughter (princess)
    Nono & Papie xxxooo
    ps glad to see a glimmer of a smile on that sweet little face.

  15. She is beautiful, congratulations!

  16. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO very happy for you guys! What a little beauty she is!!!
    Oh I am in tears just watching the video, looking at your beautiful pictures, reading your words, and reliving similar memories.
    What a beautiful family you are!!!!!

    I LOVE all of your photos.... they are really wonderful.... makes me miss China so much!!!

    Love to the 3 of you!

  17. Yay! Congratulations to the three of you... Love the pictures! She is very cute!
    Mike and Julia

  18. Wow, What a wonderful blessing, for you all. Congratulations! I can only imagine the tremors in your heart for so long - waiting and longing to hold your little precious princess. She is so beautiful, and so blessed by you. What better way to learn what 'family' and 'love' mean than with the two of you with your loving arms around her?
    We're so happy for you!
    Mark & Keri

  19. Congratulations! How wonderful your forever day was moved up. Lilah is beautiful! So happy for you! Blessings, Wendy

  20. Hi Jill, Colin, and Lilah,

    We've been thinking about you all week and are so glad you finally have Lilah in your arms. She is so precious! Can't wait to see her:). Thanks for sharing some pictures in advance.

    Alex and Glenda

  21. Oh Colin & Jill,

    She's just beautiful! Congratulations to all of you on the safe arrival of your precious, gorgeous Yangdong girl!

    Kelly & family

  22. Colin, Jill and Lilah: You three make a beautiful family. Even though I'm sure she is going through a tough adjustment, Lilah has this look like she also knows she is lucky and loved. Congratulations on becoming a family.
    Laura (and Aaron)

  23. Hi -- I'm new to your blog and was intrigued by your adoption. I got so sucked in, I read the whole archive for 2008 and had tears in my eyes by the time I got to this post. What a wonderful, beautiful story. Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your story.