Saturday, December 20, 2008

china trip: great wall of china


Today we went to the Great Wall, it was another cold day but the forecast shows it’s going to get colder, which is why we decided to go today. We had a really nice time and it is truly a wonder of the world, absolutely amazing. We didn’t stay too long because of the weather, just enough time to get a few pictures!

Click here to see more pictures from today.

Lilah is doing great, she copies almost everything we do! She will blow kisses, give hugs, wave goodbye, dance to music, feed and rock her dolly, play peek-a-boo, give high fives and many other things. She also absolutely loves the bath now, it took a while, but now she has no fear and she is like a little fish in there! She especially likes to lie back in the bath with her ears under water! I have posted a movie of her playing peek-a-boo with us, she is so cute!

We are overwhelmed with love for our baby girl and already can’t imagine our lives without her.

China, Dec 20th

China, Dec 20th China, Dec 20th


  1. At the risk of repeating myself... I LOVE all the photos....
    You all look so happy and so beautiful together!

  2. Oh I could just eat her up..she is so CUTE!!! I come her every morning just hoping to see what you guys have done:) Love the peek a boo game! Miss Lilah looks so cute bundled up with her sunglasses on.


  3. So wonderful to see how well Lilah is adjusting and bonding with her mommy and daddy. Lilah is so beautiful and adorable! Blessings, Wendy

  4. She gets cuter with each day. Loved the outfit (matching tights and dress). How wonderful that she's blossoming so quickly in front of you. Loved the sunglasses too. That's funny about the bathtub. Eliza likes to lay back and have her ears under water too. Great photos; great day!

  5. Jill,
    It is such a joy to check in on you three each day!! Kim and I were oogling over Lilah Grace and your fabulous photos yesterday on the phone!!!!

    Thank you for sharing your tiny blessing!


  6. She responds to the name Lilah already! Wow! I love your pictures! We can't wait to have you back home...
    Julia and Mike

  7. Congratulations!! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful... I'm so happy to see another family united.

    Thank you for sharing your journey. Enjoy every moment in China... It goes too fast!!


  8. The Great Wall pics are amazing!
    I love Lilah's outfits.

    Take care and we miss you,

  9. Your movie of Lilah is sooooo cute! She has such an adorable smile and it is great to see her running towards you! The three of you have an amazing bond already!!! I'm thankful to have been able to follow your journey to Lilah....It's been so special to read about each day and see the pictures/movies......Janet

  10. Really enjoying all the pics and movie clips. Lilah is so so cute. Glad to see everything going so great. She is an amazing little girl.