Saturday, December 13, 2008

china trip: shamian island

1/6th of a smile

Just a quick post tonight because I am so tired - we all are! I know, hard to believe, huh?!

Today was a pretty rough day all around, of course we did expect this and it is a good sign that our baby girl is understanding and grieving her loss. It is so hard to watch her go through it though, it breaks our hearts into a million pieces.

We went to Shamian Island for some shopping and had a very nice time. The weather is just beautiful here at the moment. Lilah is now the proud owner of 'squeaky' shoes and a few Chinese dresses! We also got to visit Starbucks, so that was a big hit, for the adults of course! You'll notice Colin is in most of the pics with Lilah, I'm not sure where the camera is when I'm holding her, but I do hold her a lot - I am the 'go to' person for feeding, consoling and rocking to sleep! I just love being a mama! It didn't happen too often today, but being able to put a smile on her precious face is pure joy.

Click here to see more pictures of our precious girl. So many people stopped us today to comment on her gorgeous eyes. She's adorable. We're in love!


  1. Congratulations!! Lilah is so beautiful! You are so right when you say that grieving is a good sign. By the time you come home, you'll be seeing an amazing transformation. Every day she will reveal a little more of herself to you. We are so happy for your family. I was showing Tessa your pictures and explaining to her what was happening. She very excitedly said, "Lilah's just like me!!". We look forward to your updates!

    Kathy Hale

  2. Jill and Colin, each day will get better. You are right; it's good that Lilah is grieving. It is so hard to watch, but so important for all of you. I promise you, the second week will be completely different and you'll see Lilah's full personality blossom before you. Right now, she's probably only giving you sneek peaks, but week 2, watch out! She's so pretty; I agree her eyes are gorgeous; they melt you. Love looking at all the pictures. Keep 'em coming. Enjoy the Starbucks! (My husband lived there while we were in China.) Sarah

  3. Jill and Colin,

    Lilah is absolutely beautiful. She looks so cute in the outfits you brought for her. I look at your pics often. What a sweetie. Praying for you and your return.


  4. Congratulations to the proud mother and father. Lilah is beautiful. We're happy to hear everything went well with your trip to China and that you are now with your daughter. She is very lucky to have you two. Enjoy the rest of your trip and thanks for posting pictures.

    Peter, Lisa & Kai

  5. OH She is SOOOOO precious!!!!!!! I love all the photos!!! Thank you for sharing!!!
    Praying each day gets a bit easier...
    I remember some rough days in China and remember being so tired.... the days did get easier but the tired feeling never went away (and that has been 2.5 years ago)... hee hee

    You are in our thoughts and prayers!!!
    Hugs to the 3 of you!!!


    Oh my she looks so much like one of my dear friends' Yangdong girls (she has twin daughters, and your Lilah looks almost identical to one of the girls).

    I hope it's okay to send her a link to your blog, the resemblance is amazing!

    Congratulations again!

  7. Hi Colin and Jill - thanks for the pictures - we are checking regularly for updates and enjoy the photos - she is such a beautiful little girl!


  8. What a beautiful girl, and yes, Lilah's eyes are gorgeous!! Thanks again for posting all those lovely photos; we really love to look at them over and over again. Lilah looks so cute in the clothing you bought for her. I love the heart clip-it is so cute. We are keeping you three in prayer, often.
    M XO

  9. Congratulations!! She is such a beautiful doll, and yes, those eyes! Yes, watch her unfold by week 2! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  10. Hi Jill & Colin & Lilah: Congratulatioins on your beautiful little girl, she is so cute. Can't wait to see her. Praying for a safe return. Doug & cleo