Thursday, December 18, 2008

china trip: medical and visa application

This morning we were at the medical center at 8:30am. Lilah had a mini physical, which is necessary for us to obtain a Visa to enter Canada. After the physical we were driven to the Canadian Embassy to apply for her Visa. We didn't do a whole lot more today, just relaxed and shopped for diapers, wipes, water and formula. We also found an American eatery at a local (very fancy) mall. It was very delicious!

Lilah is doing wonderful. I really thought the change in hotels would have been a bigger issue, but no, she's just going with the flow. She is a very special girl and we enjoy seeing our little 'flower' blossom a little more each day. She has a very outgoing little personality and loves to have fun.

My oh my, I love that smile. It's the best part of my day.

China: Dec 18th

China: Dec 18th China: Dec 18th China: Dec 18th

Check out the movie below (it was taken while we were in Guangzhou) for a little proof of her fun loving personality! And see more photos from today here.


  1. Lilah looks so happy and beautiful in every single photo. She was clearly chosen by God for your family:)

    Enjoy these last few days in China!


  2. So very very precious. Lilah is blooming every day. Love her little laugh and her beautiful smile and eyes. She is a lovely, beautiful girl. So happy for both of you. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait until you get back.
    M xo

  3. Lilah has such a beautiful smile and I love her little impish laugh.
    She seems so happy with you and is doing so well through all these changes. She must sense how much you love her.
    Thanks for all your posts and for letting us share in these amazing moments.

  4. Hi Colin and Jill,

    I have enjoyed reading your updates every day and looking at the pictures of Lilah. She is such a beautiful little girl! She looks like she is really coming to life!

    Enjoy the rest of your time in Beijing.


  5. Oh my word.
    This is one ADORABLE little girl!!!
    She is beautiful.
    Blessings ~

  6. This video is the sweetest... what a beautiful site to see mom and daughter in action....
    I love it!

    Miss Lilah is so adorable and always dressed so pretty!

  7. Congratulatons, i am so pleased for u all. Lilah is just beautiful! and how many gorgeous hairclips can one girl have!! Have a safe journey home and enjoy a wonderful 1st Christmas together. ps Was speaking to a very proud Granny Jean today in Newry.
    xox Colora & co

  8. Your little flower is definitely unfolding and shedding a most
    beautiful fragrance.
    So Pretty,Precious and Perfect.
    Love you little granddaughter
    Nono & Papie xxx

  9. I love that laugh! You are so cute with her.


  10. Jill,

    Just read your blog and looked at all the pictures of your adorable little girl! OMG! She's so cute in her little outfits.

    I love the latest video of you and her...simply precious.

    Do enjoy Christmas with your new family...


  11. What a beautiful little girl and wonderful pictures. I hopped over here from 3 Peanuts and was so captivated by Lilah's cuteness and the beautiful photos that I checked out several previous months. Enjoy! Have fun!

  12. You guys just got the greatest gifts in life and no doubt you will be super parents!
    Congratulations Jill and Colin, you have a precious little girl!
    Welcome to parenting, the best and most rewarding jobs in life! ;-)
    IBT & Family

  13. Congrats on Lilah Grace. Kim sent me and I am so glad I came over.

  14. I sit here with tears flowing looking at all of the beautiful pictures of your lovely little angel and knowing that your dreams have finally come true. It has been killing me not knowing how things have been going for you guys (computer issues) but I can see that all is perfect!! Lilah Grace is soooooo gorgeous and her little laughs are precious. What a beautiful family you all make. We cannot wait to get together with you guys when you return and here all about your journey to meet and bring home your daughter. Although I may not be the best at communicating I sit here with tears streaming because we do love you all so much and my heart swells for all of you. We love you lots, Pam, Grev and Saltanat xoxoxoxox

  15. Loved the video and hearing her Lilah's laughter. She's so adorable. You look like your enjoying yourself too! Simple pleasures; wonderful treasures.