Friday, December 5, 2008

last day of work - for a while

Today was our last day at work for a while. We have both decided to take time off with Lilah together. Colin is taking a few months and I am taking a few years off, all being well. We have already missed 18 months of her precious little life, so I think it goes without saying that we want to spend as much time as possible with our little girl.

I must admit, leaving work was emotional for me. I really enjoy my job and routine, however I also know that I will love spending time with Lilah. The fun is about to begin, just one more week to go and Lilah will be our daughter, legally!

I spent the past week opening gifts and hugging co-workers. I am absolutely in awe of the generosity and kindness that was shown towards our family by co-workers and friends. They have all shown a genuine interest and love for our daughter and she will certainly be blessed to know each one of them. Here's a photo of one of the gifts we received. I just love the words, they are so true.

Your beauty has captured our attention
but it's you who has captured our hearts

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