Wednesday, June 20, 2012

one good thread

My girl loves to whirl and twirl and make herself incredibly dizzy. I think there is something built into every child that makes them want to do exactly that! When Lilah puts a new skirt or dress on, she will always twirl in front of her bedroom mirror to see what sort of a full effect it has. Well the first morning she put this skirt on, I could tell she was just thrilled when she saw how wide it was and how far it flared out.

Anyway, whirling and twirling aside, I was genty reminded recently that ya'll need another shopping fix... so here it is!

I'm not sure how I stumbled upon One Good Thread children's boutique, but I'm sure glad I did! They sell several lines of children's designer clothing, but two in particular that I positively adore... AND they ship to Canada! I know, sometimes I find a beautiful clothing store, and then it turns out they won't ship to Canada or the shipping costs are just more than I care to pay.

So my two favourite designers are 'Persnickety Clothing Company' and 'Swanky Baby Vintage'. The outfit Lilah is wearing in these pictures, is from the Summer 2012 Persnickety line. Oh, and they have a sale on right now - who doesn't love a great sale!

whirly twirly round and round whirly twirly round and round whirly twirly round and round whirly twirly round and round


  1. Oh yes, those clothing lines are adorable.

    And so is Lilah!

    And these images? They are delicious! I love, love the light. Yummy.

  2. this girl is so cute! ALWAYS!

    Love your new blog look! LOVE

    and off I go to check things out. thank you, for the fun!


  3. I love that outfit! I will be checking it out! Although, their closet is already kind of full!

  4. Love that site and I'll be checking out more of their clothing lines. They have boys clothes too...whoo hoo!! Jill, you always dress Lilah so cute!!



  5. So cute. I too love both of those brands and Kate has a few items from them:)

  6. Lilah has a great sense of style! Love those outfits. You may also like It is my fave! Love your blog.