Friday, June 29, 2012

strawberry pickin'

strawberry pickin'

Today we went strawberry pickin'.

It was another one of those days... 32°C. And even though we got to the strawberry farm at 9:15am, it was still around 27°C with a burning sun to boot! Have I mentioned I don't do well in very hot heat, I wilt like a flower - not that I'm complaining or anything! Anyway, with the unusual early start to a very hot summer this year, the strawberry season was much earlier than usual. In fact, today was the last day, and the leftovers were just that, leftovers! But of course we went for the experience and that's what really matters! Lilah had fun picking and eating.

And what we picked will be delicious on top of vanilla gelato this evening! Yum Yum! No complaints here!

We also bought some strawberries at the cart, because they were delicious looking and tasting!


  1. your a brave lady! The heat this year is really getting me! I think I need a trip to the ocean!

    Looks like Miss Lilah fully enjoyed!


  2. Yes, you're brave!

    It looks like Lilah enjoyed herself, despite the heat.

  3. It is HOT here too! This was our third day in a row of 100+ degree temps. Love these shots of youor beautiful girl. The last one is my very favorite...I love her cute little stance and her strawberry smile =).

  4. I thought about picking raspberries this weekend with the girls, but not with 100 degree temps. Those berries are going to have to wait:)

    Adorable photos of your beautiful little girl picking and eating until her heart's content!!!! She is TOO CUTE!!!