Monday, June 4, 2012

she's a funny little bug!

the second rainy day!

“Do never ever talk to strangers Mama, because they could take you in their car.”

lilah: “My friend Fenna speaks English and Dutch – what does Dutch sound like?”
me: “I’m sure we can find a youtube video of someone speaking Dutch.”
lilah: “Well I know how to speak Chinese, because I can say Yang Qi!” (Yang Qi is Phebe’s Chinese name)

After Baba and Lilah’s ‘Daddy Daughter Day’ together at the farm, on the drive home Lilah announced from the back seat: “'Ça va trés bien! That means I had a good day Baba!”

lilah: “What does reward mean?”
me: Well it means if you do something good you could get something special for doing it. Like for example, if I asked you to put the dishes in the dishwasher and told you I would reward you, I might take you to the 7/11 and get you a treat.”
lilah: “Oh.”
(45 minutes and lots of conversations later, supper is finally finished and Lilah starts taking the dishes from the table over to the dishwasher.)
lilah: “Do you remember what we talked about earlier Mama?”
me: Hmm. Lots of things, what are you thinking of?”
lilah: “That thing we talked about when you were making supper?”
me: “Well we talked about a lot of things and I don’t know what you’re thinking. Can you remember what it’s about?”
baba: “Hold on, are you thinking about the reward Mama was telling you about?”
lilah: “YES! Do I get one now?”
(Of course Baba took her to the 7/11 for a treat!)

me: “Lilah, what are you thinking about?”
lilah: “I’m just sitting thinking about Phebe.”

At the supper table one evening Baba and I were chatting about a Chinese-Canadian family in our Church who are planning a trip to China to visit their families… they weren’t out at Church that particular Sunday and Baba was asking me if I knew when you were supposed to be going to China and if they had maybe gone already? Of course Lilah was listening in and at the mention of the family going to China, she quickly asked: “Are they going to get a baby sister too?”

lilah: “When your mom or dad shout at you or something, you should go into your bedroom and get calm… it’s an exercise called spaghetti toes… I learned it at school today.”
me: “Really?” *Snort*
lilah: “Don’t laugh – it’s really true!”

me: “Love you so much Lilah.”
lilah: “Love you even more than you do love me.”

Lilah: “I really want to go to California sometime”
Me: “Oh. Why?”
Lilah: “I just want to see what that country looks like.”
Me: “Do you know someone who went there?”
Lilah: “Aunt Sue went there. Did you ever go there when you were young?”
Me: “No, I’ve never been to California.
Lilah: “We should ask Baba if we can go… and if he says no, we’ll beg him!”

baba: “Eat up your crusts Lilah, they’ll make you smart.”
lilah: “I’m already smart… but crusts will make my muscles strong.”

“We can all share germs, because we’re all the same family.”

the second rainy day!


  1. She is so funny!

    She didn't miss a beat with the reward, eh? Nope.

    And Caleb feels the exact same way about germs. Yes, please do share your cold with me; we're family. lol

  2. She is just too cute! I do think you should take her to California (and Phebe too)... I can just see them at Disneyland, dressed like little princesses!

    She may just be filling that dishwasher every night now!

  3. "and if he says NO, we will beg him"!!!!!!

    Fav quote ever!!!

  4. Anonymous06 June, 2012

    Lilah is a blessing! so fun and smart, should be the best thing to live next to her

  5. I just LOVE the things she says:)

  6. I could read lilah quotes all day! She makes me smile!