Friday, June 1, 2012

the birthday scooter

birthday scooting in her pj's!

Lilah is so thrilled with her birthday scooter.

On her birthday evening, (Tuesday past), she had already changed into her pajamas and was all ready for bed when I realized she hadn't actually had a chance to take her scooter outside and try it outdoors, so I felt a little bad about that and asked her if she'd like to have a little scoot, even though it was past her bedtime...

Like she was going to say no!

The only thing she hesitated over, is wearing her pajamas... she wanted to be sure that no one would think she was wearing her pajamas... so I reassured her that no, no one would know she was wearing pajamas, they'd just think she was wearing shorts and t-shirt! She's pretty self conscious over little things like that, the funny monkey!

She sure loves that silly old scooter... and she sure can scoot, I almost got run over a couple of times!


  1. Yay Lilah! Good job! Love her pig tails (pony tails--I've never known the difference!) flying in the last photo!

  2. yeah for the newly 5 year young lady! better invest on some elbow and knee pads + sun shades : ) to ride in style, LOL. those scooters are fast!

  3. snazzy scooter! Snazzy pj's too!


  4. My kids love their scooters too! Next thing you know she will want to go to the skatepark on a skateboard!

  5. Oh how I love the spontaneity of these images! She looks ecstatic. And how cute is she wearing her helmet and PJs? I love these!

    And I big congrats on your Sunday Snapshot! I loved ALL those images, too. Beautiful beautiful shots.

  6. That last one is just her flying pigtails and her expression!!
    Will got a scooter last year when he was 5, he rides it constantly in the warm weather.

  7. TOOO cute and happy birthday to that sweet girl!

  8. How cute that she was so worried about wearing her PJ's. I had no idea that's what they were. Look at her go! I love, love, love that last shot with her pigtails flying!

    Gin =)

  9. I love the last shot, it makes me think "Nothing is going to stop me!"