Friday, June 8, 2012

lifecycle of a butterfly

Lilah has been learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly this past week in her Junior Kindergarten class.

After watching this movie of herself, she was quick to tell me she made a mistake,
the caterpillar actually sheds it's chrysalis, not it's skin!


  1. You're little budding biologist is as smart as she is cute! I love the way she says caterpiller, he hee =)

  2. I love the way Lilah says "out"....with an Irish accent, made me smile!!! Aren't they little sponges, they absorb so much info at that stage. Gracie makes me gasp with amazement with things she says, I'm sure nursery has a lot to do with that :)
    Phebe is going to have a great "teacher" when she comes home, with Lilah around. I'm looking forward to seeing them interact with each other.
    Have a fun weekend!!!!

  3. That is one smart girl... she must love school! I caught the Irish accent in a few spots too and it is very cute!

  4. My girls are learning the same thing, I was very surprised the first time Brennyn said the word "chrysalis".

  5. Oh, and Lilah is so very cute!!