Friday, June 15, 2012

baba's shirt and getting married!

Baba's shirt!

A few posts ago I wrote about Lilah really wanting (and getting) a peaked hat, because she wanted to look like her Baba. The same hat is loved and worn basically every day. So it should have come as no surprise to me, a few days ago when we were out shopping, guess what she spotted? A checked shirt, of course - just like her Baba wears! Oh man.

What can I say? Those two tease the life out of each other... but she adores her Baba Boy! Especially his style!

On another note, recently she brought up the idea of marriage. She used to tell us she wasn't getting married... well, in all fairness, those were Baba's words that she was basically just repeating! However recently, in fact, just this past week, she abruptly told us one evening: "I've changed my mind. I want to marry a big boy, like a husband!" It was totally out of the blue and of course, we gasped dramatically and asked why she would want to do a crazy thing like that! The girl certainly isn't short of answers, she was quick to quip back: "Well, you're married!" Of course, we had to agree! And then we dived in a little deeper and asked who the lucky boy was?

This is where things got interesting...

lilah: "I want to marry a boy with black hair and brown skin, who looks like me... Hugo I mean!" (Hugo is an adorable boy in her class, I think he is Vietnamese, but I'm not 100% sure.)
us: "Ohhhh, Hugo! He's a verrrry nice boy. So why do you think your husband has to look like you?"
lilah: (looks at both of us) "Well, you two are matching!"

We couldn't even attempt a straight face after that!!
And it's true, my husband and I have a lot of similarities. Here's a photo of us that proves her point!

I've said this before, she is so incredibly observant - she shows attention to detail like you wouldn't believe. Absolutely nothing goes unnoticed to her and she has an answer to just about everything - which can be a good thing, or maybe not! Ha!


  1. Shw is 100 per cent do match!

  2. She is so right. Lilah is so beautiful and funny. This is my first time commenting and I've been following for a long time. I just couldn't say anything. Thanks for sharing. I'm a grandma now and sure miss this age.

  3. She's an absolute riot! How can you possible keep a straight face?

    These are so sweet. And I love her Baba's shirt on her. ;) She can wear anything, really, and just look perfect! Beautiful girl!

  4. That is awesome... she is one smart girl!

  5. What a sweet little story! She sounds like she will never be short for words.. so fun!

  6. She is one smart cookie. I love her shirt, so adorable.

  7. I love how she thinks... "you two are matching." Cute!