Wednesday, June 6, 2012

immunizations for china

Yesterday, we visited the travel doctor and nurse, and Lilah got her two shots (one in each arm) for travelling to China.

I call them her "China Shots", but she lovingly refers to them as her "Sister Shots"!

She was such a brave girl, as always... so after she got them we headed downstairs to the local grocery store and found something that Lilah has been looking for a LONG time - a peaked hat - so she can look just like her Baba! Baba thinks it is just the sweetest thing that she wants to look like him, and I do too. She's a cutie pie for sure! Today someone stopped with her and told her: "You sure joined the right team!"

Recently she's been all about running races, jumping and hopping. She draws lines on the ground with chalk and we have to race, yes, of course, I have to run and jump and hop too... phew, I'm certainly not getting any younger!

Team Cute Team Cute Team Cute Team Cute Team Cute


  1. Anonymous06 June, 2012

    when I was younger was always crying for not taking the vaccine,ever very frightened, but Lilah is surely brave
    team cute \o/

  2. Sooooooooo CUTE!!!!!! Love that hat! I need a few of those!!


  3. That is so sweet that she calls them "sister shots," what a doll.

  4. Team Cute is soooooooooooo right!


  5. She's going to be one great big sister!! Love that hat, what a cutie!!!

  6. I can't wait to see her take on her big sister role.

    And not only is she on the right team, she's the captain!

  7. Isnt she the cutest?

  8. Love the hat... does Phebe get one too? Maybe Lilah will be a track star? Jill you will have to start running with her!

  9. I am so excited for this adorable big sister!!! What a plan God has for Miss Phebe! Oh the fun she is about to join!!

  10. Oh yes, that hat suits her! What a brave girl. I love that she calls them her "sister shot's". You should see the races we have in our back yard, phew! I just keep telling myself it's cardio.

    Gin =)

  11. Omigosh, I bet your hubby loves these pictures because of Lilah's desire to have a hat like him! That first picture in particular just moves me with its funny sweetness.

    Good for Lilah being such a brave little gal! I'm glad the shots weren't traumatic for her. Ren is a real toughie too but Claire, not so much!