Friday, July 1, 2011

oh canada!

Oh Canada!

Oh Canada! We are so blessed to live in this fine country.

We spent a good part of Canada Day in Gananoque this year again. It's about the halfway point on our drive to Belleville/Picton, which is where we're staying this long holiday weekend! We stopped into Gananoque last year too and really enjoyed the festivities, so it was more of the same this year. We are very much creatures of habit!

After our picnic lunch and some Canada Day festivities, we then drove on to Belleville where we're staying for the next few days. And again, same as last year, we enjoyed the Canada Day fireworks from the little balcony off our room. The only difference this year is that Lilah didn't fall asleep before the fireworks started! She was pretty excited to see them and she was also thrilled with the sparklers I brought along for the occasion!

It sure was a fun day all around.


  1. What an adorable little town and celebrations! It reminds me of a town we watched fireworks in in New Zealand. It is so fun to see the way Canadian's celebrate - it looks very similar :)

    Lilah's outfit is just perfect! Enjoy your holidays!

    xo ellie

  2. All I can say is... I love Canada.

  3. Just love the photo of Colin leaning by the tree...he looks so relaxed!