Saturday, July 2, 2011

sandbanks - how much do we love thee?

sandbanks - picton, on

How much do we love the Sandbanks beach? How much do we love Canadian summers? To the sunshine and back!

Lilah is super super super excited to be on her holidays! Staying at a hotel, sleeping in a new bed, going to the beach, building sandcastles, eating ice-cream, soaking up the sun, being buried in the sand, swimming in the warm water, lying in the hot sand, running after seagulls, sitting at the edge of the water while caking your legs and arms with wet sand, eating in restaurants...

This is the stuff holidays are made of.

I should mention, the giraffe print swimsuit Lilah is wearing is from Joe Fresh, it's a line from our local Canadian grocery store. All the swimsuits were on sale last week for $6 and when I told Lilah to choose one, I never thought she'd pick this one, especially since there were other pink ones available for the choosing! Anyway, I didn't think I liked it much myself, but there was no changing her mind. And to be honest, now that I see it on her, it suits her so nice. It certainly taught me a lesson, that maybe I should throw the reins over to her more often - since she seems to be better at this stylin' thing than me!


  1. Have a wonderful time - it looks like you are!

    xo ellie
    ps I love Lilah's swimsuit - so grown up looking :)

  2. We just bought some Jo Fresh suits too. They are great, and I love the price. Lilah looks cute in her suit! Looks like the perfect vacation.

  3. Looks like a great place to getaway and sounds like the perfect holdiay!

    I love the photos with all the sand in her hair. That is summer!

  4. Love the beach pictures! The greatest holidays are at the beach ( of course entwined with a bit of shopping makes it even better!)
    The swim suit is darling Lilah could make an old rag look beautiful, she really could!

  5. must go from one extreme to the other.....freezing cold in winter and (as Gracie says!) "hot, hot, hot" in summer! Would love to know what the temp is where you are?

  6. You're right Debbie, the weather is so extreme. The days we went to the beach were about 28°C or 83°F.

    And I've seen the opposite side of that with the minus sign! Ha! The seasons are fabulous here! Canada is definitely a country of extremes! Not good for the heating and cooling bills! ;)


  7. Looks like such a nice vacation. She's so cute and stylish in that suit and it's obvious she loves everything about the beach.

    Gin =)

  8. Anonymous08 July, 2011

    I can almost hear the giggles.

    Would you be able to tell me which beach at Sandbanks that was? It looks lovely and refreshing for a hot day!

  9. Hi anonymous,

    I'm 99% sure this is the outlet beach! And yes, it is so refreshing, it always has a little breeze too that feels just perfect!

    Have fun!