Monday, July 18, 2011

"the mean king"

lilah: Mama, why could my other Mama not keep me?

me: Well sweetie...I really don't know for sure. We don't know your other Mama, so we can't ask her. Only God knows who your other Mama is. But maybe, I'm not too sure, there could be lots of different reasons, but maybe she couldn't keep you because in China there's a policy made by the government, who are kinda like the kings, that says that some Mamas and Babas can only have one baby.

lilah: Ohhhh, like the mean king that put Moses in the water?

me: Well yes, Pharaoh was a mean king and God wouldn't be happy about that rule he made, but unfortunately sometimes that's the way things work. You know, God knew what was going to happen a long long time ago, before you and I were born. He knew your birth parents wouldn't be able to keep you, so He made a plan and He told us to go to China and get you. God always takes care of us.

lilah: Yep. But God wouldn't be happy with that mean king.

me: No, He wouldn't. You're absolutely right sweetie.


  1. Oh my! Out of the mouth of a babe! Your Lilah is one special little girl. No doubt, God has big plans for her!


  2. wow.........what can I say to that? D

  3. That Miss Lilah is a real thinker.


  4. She really is a deep thinker. My girls don't ever discuss anything in this manner yet... they know they are adopted, but that seems to be all they need to know right now.

    I am glad you are doing this first... that way I can think about it and have answers when those questions come!

  5. I think Miss Lilah is absolutely magical!! And I hope I speak as eloquently about adoption to my little girl one day as you do to little Lilah. You make this parenting thing look like a breeze. I'm so glad to have you to look up to! :). With love...

  6. Wow, she is such a bright and special little girl. And you are and incredible Mama.

    Gin =)

  7. my goodness she's wise! (and spiritual!) I can't believe she is almost a year younger than Tia - whose scripture for today was "don't grab onto others" when I asked for one :) lol.

    I just adore your little Lilah!

    xo ellie