Saturday, July 9, 2011

top ten questions this week

1. Do turtles have boobies?
2. Mama, I love you. Will you never get lost or die?
3. What is our Volvo made from?
4. What holds the road up?
5. Why are there clouds in the sky?
6. How does the boat stay on top of the water?
7. What makes the rain?
8. Where's Piggy from? ...Halifax? Territories? British Columbia? Berta? Catchwan? Quebec? ...dunno?
9. Did God give us the money for that?

And last, but not least...

10. Because that's the way it goes? Or do you need to Google that?


  1. Giggling at your girl, Jill!!! I could probably answer 2 of these???
    You are in so much trouble......!!

  2. Oh Jill... what a precious way to start my Sunday! What a gem you've been blessed with.

    I must admit though... it makes me a wee bit sad that I wasn't as thoughtful as you to write down my funny girls comments and questions when she was younger. Eliza Grace recently asked me why there were TWO buttons on an elevator that we got on. :)


  3. from the mouth of babes, ha...yeah, the "google it mom" is heard often at our house with two 5 years old .....and I swear they're going to learn how to text before I do! LOL!

  4. Makes me laugh... she is too cute and very smart! I would love to know how you answered these!

  5. At the aquarium today my 3 year old wanted to know the manta ray's last name.

  6. Oh I love the things she says! Sounds like you have one very curious and smart little girl..not to mention funny.

    Gin =)

  7. DO turtles have boobies!? Heh, heh! I sometimes have to tune out, I get so many crazy questions! Love your Lilah!

  8. I love this! I am wondering what prompted the turtle question? I can't wait until Cory and I are the lucky recipients of questions such as these from our girls!

  9. Hi Joyanne,

    Lilah's imaginary friend is always a turtle, his name is Franklin and she gets it from the 'Franklin' stories. I guess she's just wondering if he's like her! She rather obsessed with her boobies! And I'm praying for that stage to move on!

    The questions are pretty crazy, and sometimes hilarious. You should hear me stutter my way around them!

    Jill :)

  10. Good grief, your girl is hilarious!!! We get all kinds of questions too from mr. Will. Some of them quite deep and profound...I try to do my best when answering them. LOL.

  11. Love the questions! Hilarious!

  12. She is TOO MUCH! I love her inquisitiveness. it shows brilliance. Kate does not ask questions like that at all.