Friday, July 15, 2011

chatter! chatter! chatter!

"Ohhhhh, I need to do a pee pee too. I almost didn't recognize that!"

"Why is it a sunny day? Oh I know, is it because it just felt like it?"

The sunshine went in behind the clouds: "Oh, I think it's God turning the light on and off!"

"There shouldn't be a pig in our family, nooooo, because we're wolfs, we're joking wolfs!"

After Baba jokingly told her he was going to throw her into the swimming pool - "Nooooo Baba. I would be quickly dead!"

After leaving her sitting on the counter top to wash her feet in the sink one evening - (Colin and I were sitting chatting in the next room): "Hellooooooooooo! Can some of yous two get me down from here?"

"Christ Jesus came into the world to save Piggy."

"Mama, is there a chance of showers today?"

She loves putting the topping on our homemade pizza, she always says: "Can I put the decorations on the pizza?"

On a dull cloudy day: "I think the sunshine's all done!"

"She didn't obey her Mommy. That's what the Lord says - Children obey your parents!"

"I saw the horses at the farm today and we petted them. We didn't use our hands though, just our arms, because animals could make you sick!"


  1. She is magical! So glad to have "met" your beautiful family!! :) I ALWAYS enjoy catching your blog!

  2. She is just too cute! Someday she (and you) will love looking back and reading these sweet words.

  3. She is quite a chatter box huh, but oh, how smart and cute! This girl, she is bright!

  4. Love the things she says.... too precious!!! I love all of the recent posts.... no idea how I miss so many but it is such fun catching up!!!!!

  5. "she says" the cutest, funniest, brightest, things!


  6. I love reading about the things your little chatter box comes up with. She's a smart and funny as she is cute!

    Gin =)

  7. Hello! My sweet friend. I have just caught up on your blog! I had some major lol moments! Do turtle have boobies!!!! Too funny! Did you google that one?:) How I love your Lilahism!

    Hurray! I was hoping you would announce you would be adding to your family:) We will certainly be praying for you all! So great to catch up on your family.


  8. she says the cutest things and she is so bright:)