Tuesday, July 5, 2011

swimming, kiddie goats, ice-cream, etc...

Our last day in Picton. We started our morning with breakfast and then went down to the swimming pool, because a day is not a day without some fun in the water for our little fish.

I don't think I've ever mentioned it here, but every Wednesday this past winter and spring Lilah and I were going our local (indoor) swimming pool together. I didn't put her into lessons, we just went to the pool and had fun together. Well, she is such a great little swimmer now, of course she won't try swimming without the noodle, but she can swim like crazy with it tucked under her - it's really only a matter of getting her to give it up. I've also noticed that swimming has given her a lot more stamina and energy than she used to have. I'm so proud of her, to think that she used to be so petrified of water. Not only does she love water now, but she loves the deep part of the water, where she can't touch the ground. I guess it's easier to swim where it's deep!

hotel swimming pool hotel swimming pool

After swimming we showered, checked out of the hotel and set off towards Bloomfield/Picton again.

We were driving past this farm. Actually, we'd driven past it about three or four times by this stage (of our holiday) and I'd seen a little pen of kiddie goats. So as we drove past it (yet again), I asked my husband to turn the vehicle around and go back to the farm! I decided I was going to ask the farmer if we could let Lilah see the little kiddie goats. He was very sweet and told us to go right ahead! "You can even take pictures!", he exclaimed! ...little did he know who he was talking to!

As children, both Colin and I grew up with some goats around the house. In fact, I was fondly known as "The Goat Woman"! And, I was allowed to have sugary cereal for breakfast, but only if it was swimming in goat's milk - I'm talking straight milked from the goat, goat's milk. Believe me, it was rough, but as a child I thought it was so worth it for a bowl of sugar puffs or coco pops! Anyway, all that aside, we were thrilled to introduce Lilah to the kiddie goats. Colin grew up on a farm, which is so obvious with his natural affection for animals, especially farm animals.

kiddie goats! kiddie goats! kiddie goats! kiddie goats! kiddie goats! kiddie goats! kiddie goats! kiddie goats!

After visiting with the goats, we headed into Bloomfield and got one of Slickers homemade ice-creams. Say hello to delicious! Lilah got vanilla flavour, which was yummy, and Colin and I got our running favourite, rhubarb and ginger. Believe me when I tell you, you have never tasted ice-cream like this before!

dining in bloomfield

After ice-cream and a little bit of shopping, we headed to one of our favourite little eateries on the road home, County Cider. They serve these amazing platters that everything is locally grown and produced. We got the cheese platter and also the hummus and olives platter, yummy, they were both delicious. We also took a walk through the vines and Lilah got to see the grapes growing. She and her Baba were up to their crazy old antics - falling around and whatnot! Sometimes I wonder if I have two children, rather than one! Heh!

waupoos - county cider - picton waupoos - county cider - picton waupoos - county cider - picton waupoos - county cider - picton waupoos - county cider - picton waupoos - county cider - picton

Goodbye holidays, we miss you already!

glenora ferry - picton

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  1. Beautiful beautiful photos!

    I love the one of your hubby kissing the goat!

  2. Those platters look devine........love me some olives!

  3. Great photos! I especially like the one of Lilah and her Daddy, and Lilah with the wind in her hair! And those goats are pretty adorable I might have had to kiss one, too.

    Gin =)

  4. I will have to take your word about the ginger and rhubarb ice cream! Love the pictures of the goats, did they try to nibble on your clothes?

  5. Joyanne!

    No nibling clothes, funny enough. I remember one of the ones we had at home used to try to eat the teatowels on the clothes line though!

    And one of them had a nibble and slob on my camera lens! Ha! I didn't notice until we were back in the vehicle, and then I realized all the pictures from that point on had a blurry part where the smear was on the camera. Funny!