Wednesday, July 13, 2011

giving birth

Lilah went to the Experimental Farm as part of her 'camp experience' today. She is absolutely loving camp, the instructors are so wonderful with the children and it does my heart good to see her skip up the street each morning, fully anticipating her day. It's been a busy three days so far and I can tell she is getting more tired each afternoon I pick her up. I gave her a bath and put her into bed a bit earlier tonight. Also, she told me a couple of times over the past few days that her cheek was sore and then today (when chewing) she mentioned her gums were sore. Sure enough, after her bath I checked her back gums and about 1/5th of each of her final two molars have broken through the gum - what a brave girl.

Anyway, here's one of the conversations we had this evening about the farm...

Lilah: I saw baby pigs at the farm today, they were just born last night! ...and the Mama pig had blood, her bum was sore.
Me: Aww Lilah. That's so sweet that you got to see little newborn baby pigs.
Lilah: But why was the Mama pig's bum sore?
Me: That's because the piglet came out of her bum when it was born. But don't worry, the sore only lasts a few days or so.
Lilah: Oh. Well, when I came out of my Birth Mama in China, do you think she was sore?
Me: I'm very sure she was sweetie. All Mama's that have babies hurt for a while.
Lilah: Oh. (and then she ran off to get the craft she made at camp)

This conversation just clarifies to me how much she is processing and how much she understands about her birth and that she was born from her Mama in China. Before now, she would basically just repeat what I told her about her adoption, etc., but the fact that she knew she wasn't born from me and how she pieced this together herself, it blew me away.

And I was reminded yet again of this amazing gift I've been given, to mother this beautiful girl.



  1. I love how you describe the conversations Lilah has with you about her life in China and her Birth Mama. I can see the beginnings of understanding with Sylvie(three and a bit), where she is repeating what we have told her at other times. I am trying to keep an open dialogue with her as part of ordinary conversation that you have modeled here and previously. Thank you for sharing.

  2. what a beautiful, insightful, little girl you have.


  3. What a big girl she is, going to camp by herself!!! She just says the cutest things!!! Mary

  4. Thanks for the "heads up" on what to expect from Gracie in the future, Jill!!!
    Enjoying Ireland - weather is lovely but its forecast lots of rain for tomorrow :-(

  5. She blows me away, too. What a sweet little dialogue. You can see how she's beginning to really process this and it sounds like you're doing a wonderful job helping her. I'm taking notes, hope you don't mind =)

  6. sweet girl - she does understand so much! and yes, what a blessing to mother these beautiful girls :)

    xo ellie