Thursday, June 30, 2011

the day the duke & duchess of cambridge came to town

I love royalty. I love to read about them and see how they dress and mix with public. Maybe that's all part of me being British. That being said, it's not just British Royalty, I also enjoy reading and keeping up with some European Royalty too - it's just so fascinating!

However, as much as I adore William & Kate, I would not stand out for hours and hours to see them walk by. They arrived in Ottawa today as part of their 10-day visit to Canada and placed a wreath and bouquet at the War Memorial. Lilah and I took a little bike ride downtown about half an hour after their visit was over, to check out the craziness!

I had to laugh at Lilah, after a few minutes of standing staring at the motionless guard, she turned to me and asked: "Is he just pretend?" In the last photo below of her standing next to the guard, the way she is holding her dress leads me to believe she was feeling a wee tad nervous standing next to him! Also, when we got back home she was telling her Baba all about our time and very randomly announced: "We saw these guards, and they were keeping stuff safe!"

She is just too cute and funny!


  1. She certainly is cute and funny! Great photos. I have to say I've been missing your posts. I remember vividly watching the wedding of Charles and Diana at around 6 years of age and being captivated...have been ever since.

    Gin =)

  2. I was wondering if you would go to see them...........doesn't Kate look beautiful? Love her!

  3. I adore Kate. She is going to be just as popular as Diana. And William has so much of his mother about him - she lives on through him.

    William and Kate are so well suited - they make a truly lovely couple.

  4. Love the picture of Lilah and the guard. Been watching the festivities in Ottawa, Kate really does seem so geniune.

  5. It would have been amazing to see them in person, but I wouldn't have stood waiting in those crowds either. I have high hopes for this couple, that they are truly in love that will last a lifetime! It would be nice to see that fairytales do exist!